Fuel vouchers, there is time until August 3rd to get them. Just go shopping in this supermarket

Are you worried about rising gasoline prices? Until August 3rd, you can take advantage of fuel vouchers. You can only find it in some supermarkets.

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Drought, epidemic, war and energy crisis. These are not easy times if you are particularly interested in Expensive prices On fuel, there is one solution It will make you breathe a sigh of relief.

By shopping at some supermarkets, you can avail some fuel vouchers which can ease the burden of the crisis on your wallet. you have time till August 3Hurry up!

Fuel Coupons: You can only find them in these supermarkets

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Petrol (Photo by David Romanet via Pixabay)

It is time for Italy to the economy. Many Italians frugally ignore the consumer landscape in search of effective strategies to reduce Invoice price and expenses in general. From From June 23 to August 3By shopping at a particular supermarket chain, you will have access to petrol coupons.

price increase Gasoline, LPG and Diesel In fact, I left in everyone’s memory the memory of endless lines at the cheapest distributor. There have been government measures to loosen the grip of the crisis, but they have proven insufficient.

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The supermarkets Then they present a golden opportunity to contain fuel prices. Reducing the percentage of production fees that the government wants has not helped resolve the situation. After the fuel price hike, a slight decrease followed, but a gradual increase.

We are again more than 2 euros per liter not even the bonus of €200 Then he served a lot. If you add to this the expenses that each family has to take into account to meet basic needs, the situation becomes more complicated. And here supermarkets come to help, Let’s see how.

It’s the chain long S to promote the initiative. Branches are more or less located throughout Italy and petrol vouchers will be awarded to those who reach the minimum pre-set shopping price. So these are discount vouchers that you can find them with From June 23 to August 3 In some Italian provinces.

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The counties Licensed are Verona, Vicenza, Turin, Verbania, Genoa, Novara, Biella, Asti and Alessandria. In the supermarket Esselunga from Emilia-Romagna It will be available in the provinces of Reggio Emilia, Parma, Piacenza, Modena and Bologna.

to me Milan In the province of Bergamo, Lecco, Cremona, Mantua, Varese, Como, Brescia, Pavia and Monza Brianza in Lombardy. buy a little specific products You will then have access to the coupons. The voucher consists of an amount that can be subtracted at the time of refueling on the total cost ofrelease.

For example, you can buy a box of pasta 0.30 cents. Discount, with laundry detergent package 2 euro. There are many products that will be included in the promotion. To get a concrete idea, just go to the nearest dealer and do your shopping!

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