German gas giant Uniper is in talks with the government over a 9 billion euro rescue plan

German groupo Uniper in conversations With the government for a possible rescue package from 9 billion euros. Bloomberg writes it, citing someone close to the file. Uniper is the largest gas supplier in the country and one of the first customers of Russia Gazprom. The group is facing difficulty due to lower inflows from Russia (40% of normal) and therefore the need to find fuel at much higher prices. Gas today pushed the Amsterdam market to the top 166 EUR per megawatt-hour. The government is trying to implement a number of measures, including loans, share purchases and the ability to pass additional costs on to end customers despite contractual terms. The Ministry of Finance and Uniper declined to comment on mindless.

In recent days, the Minister of Economy Robert Habeck He warned that the gas crisis threatens to cause a collapse in the market, recalling the collapse of Lehman Brothers In the 2008 financial crisis. The German government could pass legislation to deal with the emergency. Yesterday, the head of the German Federation of Trade Unions Yasmine Fahimi He warned that major German industries could meet to collapse due to supply interruption Russian natural gas. “Because of gas bottlenecks, entire industries are in constant danger of collapse: Aluminum, glass and chemical industries. Such a collapse would have serious consequences for the entire economy and employment in Germany, he said fami. On July 11, Russia will completely stop pipeline flows for ten days Nord Stream 1 That unites Russia and Germany, officially “for maintenance work.” Before the start of the war in Ukraine, Germany imported from Russia 55% of the gas used.

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