How long do you have to stay in the sun to get full

Vitamin D, How Long Should You Stay In The Sun To Fill Up: Here’s the expert advice, especially to face this summer.

As many know, the Vitamin D It is definitely an important substance for our body and for our body, to the point that it is involved in regulating calcium metabolism and more.

How Much Sun Is Needed for Adequate Vitamin D? Here are the tips from the experts (Photo: Pixabay).

This vitamin found in the liver is synthesized by our bodies thanks to sunlight. So many ask themselves How much sun should you take to get the right amount of this vitamin?. What do the experts say? Here is the answer.

Vitamin D, How Long Should You Stay In The Sun To Fill Up: Here’s The Expert Advice

Our body is able to manufacture Vitamin D when UV rays hit our skin; So it is important to devote some moments to the sun even if, especially in summer, You shouldn’t overdo it (Especially in hot hours, and above all always apply cream.

But how much sun should we “get” in a day? According to Veronesi, it will be enough About 40 minutes a day every day all summer Even wear short sleeves and shorts to stock up on vitamin D for the winter.

However, in the winter, according to the study conducted by the Polytechnic University of Valencia, It may take more than two hours of exposure to the sun Get the recommended daily dose of the vitamin.

Vitamin D the sun
In summer, it takes about 40 minutes on a sunny day to “store” vitamin D (Photo: Pixabay).

But in other seasons, it’s almost different Between 10 minutes in spring and summer and 30 minutes in autumn; However, do not forget that the sun is important, because vitamin D (which about 70% of the population has below average values) is found in very few foods.

Vitamin D can only be contained in some fatty fish such as salmon and mackerel, or in eggs, orange juice and liver, but in very small doses; different talk about Cod liverWhich in a teaspoon will be enough for the daily dose for the elderly, but its taste is not very pleasant.

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