How to fight inflation at 8%, here are some tips for families

And if everyday life becomes too complicated for our pockets, there is a way to defend ourselves. Here are some tips for not diluting your wallet too much and defending yourself from record inflation.

trips –

The first challenge is to find affordable flights. The first thing to do is choose the days of the week to buy a plane ticket. To avoid will definitely be the weekend, so better

Book a flight from Tuesday to Thursday

: You can save between 3 and 12%. Obviously, airlines think on the basis of existing demand, on weekdays the price drops because the customer is less willing to leave. Changing the vacation period and focusing on a less popular period will save at least 27%. This applies to transportation in general, not only planes but also trains and buses. A must for anyone traveling by car

Watch out for fuel prices

And applications intended for download on our mobile phone are indispensable:

“Petrol Prices”, “iFuel”, “Fuelio”


food –

According to the latest statistics from Ipsos, 9 out of 10 Italians say they are trying to reduce the effects of the high cost of living on their wallet: 39 out of 100 decided to reduce consumption. They will buy less to reduce spending. While 36 out of 100 decided to buy only the basic. Another 47% will look for cheaper alternatives to the brands they usually put in their shopping cart. Only 8% said they changed their place of purchase in search of a cheaper cost. In fact, it remains the most useful indicator

Change the places of purchase and prefer a discount

. then choose

Less Designed Food Products

Preferably those who have

Your favorite brand in the supermarket

. this too ,

Our mobile applications

Whoever suggests the best offers on the market will be increasingly useful to our pockets: for example

Where it is appropriate

And the

Easy Flyer

. However, you can enjoy the most “elegant” restaurant food at home at a very reasonable price


Food Against Waste App: All the rest of the starred places can be brought home in good condition.

Eco wash –

One small step to saving your electric bill is to use appliances the right way. A lower oven, which consumes a lot of energy, is an option. The Altroconsumo Association made it clear that it is

It is better to avoid “larger models, 90 cm wide, because 150% more energy is used to heat them compared to the 60 cm model”

. After that, the dishwasher and washing machine should only be used if you have the ability to fill them completely, using

environment washing

. The air conditioning should be set to a temperature not higher or lower than 6 degrees compared to the temperature of the outside environment. to me

light bulbs

As they advised us years ago,

It is better to prefer LED lights


Gas –

Abandon cars e

Prefer bike and public transportation?

It is the winning strategy to avoid the fuel problem. According to the findings of the Altroconsumo Association, it is necessary to avoid emptying the wallet

please enter

when refueling,

Self-serve, self-serve.

It’s 9% cheaper than an employee’s service. It is not recommended to refuel on the highway, it is necessary to take care of maintenance to reduce car consumption. Again, even the air filters should always be cleaned, otherwise the car will needlessly absorb more fuel.

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