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From Federica Banderali

In a letter published by the weekly «Intimacy», the words of pain to the 85-year-old actor. He and Lucia Lagastra met when they were boys in Canosa di Puglia and married in 1962

Lino Banfi, 85, he lived for years with the tragic illness of his wife Lucia Lagastra, who had Alzheimer’s disease. But now the undisputed protagonist of the “Doctor in the Family” has written a letter to his wife, which was published by the weekly “Intitudine”. Touching words that hide intense love and pain for this wife’s health condition. I wrote to Pope Francis, The letter reads: “I asked the Holy Father precisely what you asked me to ask. I told him of your desire, of your desire to leave together, at the same time, holding hands as we have always done in our lives ». An important and at the same time also heavy request of the Pope, who replied to the representative: “Bergoglio told me he had no power to make us go, even if you and I could not live without the other, he would pray for us.”

60 years together

The two met a teenage a Canosa de Puglia Then she married in 1962. For 60 years she has been working on his stubble, a point of support in the good times, but above all in the bad and darkest times, even in his career. A few years ago then Lucia She developed Alzheimer’s disease, a neurodegenerative disease, and the roles reversed. “A while ago my wife asked me, ‘And if I don’t recognize you one day?'” Mara Vinier’s guest told Dominica V. I replied pressed: “It will mean that we will introduce ourselves again.” ».

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