If you notice this on the packaging, it should be discarded

Frozen foods are an excellent alternative when time is short, but there are some precautions to follow for safe consumption: this is an unmistakable sign to watch out for.

Frozen foods (Pixabay)

The development of society is moving towards reality more and more fast, which inevitably involves changes at different levels of everyday life. Among these, food is also part of a scheme that suits the needs of consumers, with an increase in its purchases frozen foods. alternative relaxing And quick to fresh food, without neglect Quality of foods, which have received especially in recent years more attention from producers.

But to make sure you consume in safetyIt is necessary to follow some guidelines that provide us with information about condition of food. It is actually necessary not to interrupt the cold chain, for a correct chain storage of foods, which if compromised could cause some health risks. There is a special mark that you should pay attention to on the packaging, which indicates to avoid consumption and to throw the product.

Frozen foods: know when to avoid them

frozen foods
frozen foods (pixels)

Convenient and fast, I frozen foods It’s a great choice in case you are short on time and a way to avoid it waste Thanks to extended storage. And this is precisely why we should be vigilant about the quality of frozen foods, with some signs ofrest time from the cold chain. The result is a multiplication of factors bacterialwhich may pose significant health risks. When buying, you need to pay attention to the product packaging, which must be completely Full And without any opening.

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Another basic precaution is to eat only desirable foods from the frozen food section End From buying food, in order to make money short Time spent outside the refrigerator. But the basic procedure that needs to be done, whether in the supermarket or in your home before consumption, is to assess the presence of details idea, Pointing out the obvious Suspension of the appropriate temperature.

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For example, when we find a certain frost on the outside of the casing, it is a natural result of slight changes in the temperature to which it has been exposed. The item is really alarmingwhich Leeds to Removal The product and avoid its consumption, is the presence ice On the packaging: a clear symptom of a cold chain interruption.

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