Leonardo da Vinci Repos unveiled

Solve the mystery hidden in the Mona Lisa

there Gioconda Leonardo da Vinci is still at the center of scientists’ investigations: the most famous picture in history has always been marked by mysteries and riddles, and there are many theories that over the years have tried to unravel the secrets of Leonardo’s masterpiece. starting fromThe identity of the Mona Lisaunrevealed by the genius of the Italian Renaissance.

According to the most widespread theory, the noble painting represents Lisa GherardiniThe wife of Francesco del Giocondo – hence the name “Gioconda”. But several studies appear to suggest a different solution to rebus of Mona Lisa.

Who is Mona Lisa? Leonardo puzzle

According to the researcher’s research Teodoro Bresciaphilosopher and anthropologist, the woman represented in Leonardo’s masterpiece would not be Lisa Gherardini, but Giovanna Bianca Sforzathe beloved daughter of Ludovico il Moro who died at the age of 13 and who lived in Castle Vigevano.

It is discussed in a newly published book, A rebus on the Mona Lisa. Between the two branches of Lake Como”: according to the author, PhD at the University of Bari, the identity of the Mona Lisa will be revealed by Repos are hidden in the same board.

Brescia explains, “This new study begins with the first research of the art world Silvano Vinceti Which in 2010 identifies in the painting a pair of letters in the eyes of the Mona Lisa and a pair of numbers under the bridge behind her.

The discovery of Repos inside the Mona Lisa belongs to Vinceti himself who has recently postulated the existence of a second painting of the Mona Lisa, younger and more beautiful than the one on display in the Louvre, and with a sad smile.

The idea that there may be a rebus hidden inside the image is completely consistent with what we know about Leonardo’s life: it has actually been found More than 170 rebus Written by the genius of Vinci, Brescia is remembered in his publications, to the delight of Ludovico il Moro and his court.

According to the professor’s research Carla Gourifrom the rebus hidden in the eyes of the Mona Lisa, you can determine which city is the background of the picture: under the bridge to the right of the Mona Lisa, it was written 72which would denote a bridge BubioIt collapsed and was rebuilt in 1472.

According to Brescia’s research, Bobbio has nothing to do with it: the answer to the most controversial riddle, among the mysteries accompanying the events of the painting, is hidden in the riddle of the Mona Lisa. The true identity of the Mona Lisa.

Solve the riddle of the Mona Lisa

According to Professor Gorey’s study, the puzzle identified in the painting will consist of characters G, S, 72 – which respectively refer to the identity of the woman and the place represented by the painting. The G and S actually stand for Giovanna (Bianca) Sforza, while the number 72 refers to the historical story of the Bobbio Bridge.

According to new research by Teodoro Brescia – already known to have revealed many unpublished details of Leonardo’s Last Supper – the characters have been identified. It should be read in the mirror: We know that Leonardo wrote in reverse, and even rebus should be read according to this principle.

In the new post, the researcher delves into finding out about his prediction in a 2019 article that appeared in the ‘Nexus New Times’. In an interview on that occasion by “La Gazzetta del Mezzogiorno”, Brescia explained the mystery of the Mona Lisa as follows: “I came to the conclusion that the characters are more subtle. VL and LE (or B) and 72. The mirror becomes JV, BJ and SF“.

Everything must be read keeping in mind the inevitable corrosion of the surface but above all the nature of the rebus, and this is the close connection between Messages and pictures: “JV in the right eye, placed on the iris ring(s), becomes jvanillaBrescia explains, while “BJ in the left eye, placed on the anilla (pupil) becomes BjancillaThe abbreviation becomes the mirror SF under the bridge, which in other studies has been read as 72, sforza: It is found on the surface of the water in the language of the Renaissance “orza”.

there Rebus solution It is presented as: Jvanella Bjancilla Sforza would be nothing but Giovanna Bianca Sforza. According to Professor Gouri, whose investigations are consistent with those of Brescia at least regarding the identity of the Mona Lisa, Leonardo may have attempted to conceal the true identity of the woman by aging her features.

This would have allowed Ludovico il Moro – afflicted by the sudden loss of his beloved daughter Bianca and defeat on the field – to take the beloved photo with him when he was forced to flee to France.

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