“Let’s raise our prices.” Telephone operators request

L ‘inflation Its T-shirts are also on the rise and expanding to telephony. Telephone operators silently followed the scenarios but now something has changed. WindTre He wrote to the Telecommunications Safeguards Authority (Agcom) asks to be able to align telephone and internet tariffs with inflation.

The order dates back to June 20 that just passed, but it has only been proven in the last few hours and signed by the first mobile operator in Italy, which is also active in the fixed network market for both voice and Internet. The consequences will also affect those who depend on them Other operators mobile phone, why WindTre sells infrastructure For various service providers active in Italy.

What did WindTre order from Agcom

WindTre wants to recover inflation at least partially, by adjustment Annual rates Among all the services you provide. It is inspired by Tim’s model who wants to apply VAT-indexed prices to operators to whom you sell technology and network infrastructure.

In Italy there Four operators Which has its own network: Tim, Vodafone, WindTre and mostly Iliad (which in some cases is based on WindTre). All other operators are selected by default precisely because they don’t have infrastructures, and they use those of the four who do.

This means that tweaking upward rates will result in a The general increase has been appliedaccording to the logic that has not yet been determined, by most (if not all) operators active in Italy.

Because we need a custom list

In the absence of rules differentiating an increase in tariffs for inflation from any other increase in tariffs, care must be taken. Any operator can adjust rates when they want but under the auspices of existing laws that would allow the end customer to change the operator without paying penalties, as happens when a unilateral change of contract occurs. Still in the area of ​​applicable laws, an operator wishing to raise prices must notify customers at least two months in advance.

WindTre Instead, it calls for organizing Regardless, allowing inflation to be tied to the phone contract, So you lose the feature Essential to unilaterally modify the contract and abolish the customer’s right to switch to competition without additional costs.

AgCom . position

The guarantor takes on the role of the great sage and, as it always happens, takes time for reflection or investigation. probability that a Consultation round High because it is reasonable that they can both express their opinions staff Telephone and Internet, both related to to defend consumers.

There are some parameters that Agcom has full supervision authority: By law, operators cannot adopt pricing policies less than the cost, so as not to unleash a trade war that tends to fall too low, causing damage to the economy and the services provided. If operators are able to demonstrate that inflation (up to 8% year-over-year) is causing them to reduce margins to the maximum, the guarantor must give its consent.

Then there is the role of the super parts of Agcom, who will have to oversee the right role Additional Fee Application So that they are real, i.e. linked to inflation and not to inflationary predictions or unrealistic values ​​of price increases, and last but not least, they will have to make sure that, with the cessation of the inflationary race and with the possible deflation of the cost of living, operators revise tariffs down.

One last question we ask here for the benefit of the reader: it will be necessary, in our opinion, to establish rules for this protect these consumers Which has a fixed line and a mobile line provided by the same operator. The thought goes to the most economically vulnerable segment of the population: if the cost of both lines (fixed and mobile) is supposed to make the cost of both lines (fixed and mobile) unbearable, then the customer can decide Cancel one without penalty.

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