LIVE TMW – AC Milan, Pioli: “The club is ready to intervene in the transfer market. Ziyech? I don’t know… 3-man defense is the solution”

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The 2022-2023 season of Milan Campione d’Italia started today with the team meeting (excluding the national teams) in Milanello. Stefano PioliAs usual, some statements will be made at the first press conference of the year, which is scheduled to take place in the press room of the Carnago Sports Center at 3 pm: Follow the words of the Rossoneri coach with the live text on TMW.

15:00 | Stefano Pioli’s press conference begins.

Do you keep everyone on board one of your secrets?
“It is one of our secrets. Our strength has been faith in our players, in our qualities and our way of playing, respect for others and great enthusiasm. The courage we must show is to ask ourselves. You will ask many market questions which I will partially answer, but I am sure many players have not arrived Yet to their fullest potential. We want to grow day by day.”

Was it the best summer of your life?
“Yes, it was an exciting summer. I enjoyed the family and met many fans of the Milan shirt, which made me feel very happy. I have such enthusiasm here today and all season long.”

How Milan can grow
“We grow by offering players who are functional to our way of being on the pitch. We have to find the right solutions to put them in the right place, starting with the fact that we still have room for improvement. Last year we motivated our opponents, but we are Milan and we want to fight.” in order to win.”

What kind of profiles does AC Milan need?
“We have some ideas about the transfer market. Now we have to evaluate well what is out there. Pobega is back after an exceptional tournament, he is a strong player who gives us physical strength in many matches. Adly has arrived and he is an interesting player, the club is capable and we will be able to find the right solutions.” I found a very conscientious, very mature group and we didn’t stop feeling for each other during these holidays. The recipe is to keep working day in and day out. Levels are rising and expectations and pressures are also because we won and we want to keep winning.”

Is Ibrahimovic still in the future of Milan?
“You know what I’m thinking. I heard him this morning. He’s fine and recovering from a fairly serious injury. I hope to be able to work with him again because he’s a complete champion.”

What do you expect from Leao?
“He can do something more, but it’s normal because he’s 23. This year he’s gone double digits and he can be more consistent in the attacking phase. He can break matches.”

How far do you feel from the big names in the Champions League?
“The experience of last year taught us a lot. We didn’t miss out on much to compete. We can’t think of Milan capable of winning the Champions League; I don’t like to talk about budget, but if Liverpool and City spend 100 million it’s hard for any player to compete. I’m sure we’ve grown A lot. Our ambition is to be competitive in Europe as well; we will wait for the draw on August 25. Thinking about winning the Champions League is a little premature.”

What about Dybala and Di Kitilari?
“They are two very different files. I know I have very qualified managers behind me who will make better decisions to improve the team.”

How did you experience waiting for the renovations of Maldini and Masara?
“Very calm, we kept working and I saw them always calm and positive. The club has always shown solidity and we are moving more and more in that direction.”

What is the goal of the season?
“I am not focused on the goal, but on the path I have to take to reach it. It takes determination and courage, playing every game to be able to win it. It is better not to set expectations, it is easy to get them wrong….”

Will Dida come back?
“Dida reported the need to return to Brazil and he will be replaced. I thank him for making a great contribution.”

Could Pobega be Tonali for the new season?
“I hope so. He’s an interesting guy, has good qualities, and can do a good job.”

Where do you see Adly?
“A very interesting player, technically fit, very capable of not scoring goals and playing the ball forward looking for his teammates in depth. It is necessary to understand the situation in which he can be better exploited. He is very intelligent and very prepared. I will do that. Try to understand in which A position that we use more often, even if we are not constrained by fixed positions and it is dynamic.”

Is Dybala sustainable in football?
“All good players who want to play as a team are useful to play for Milan.”

Greetings to Casey and Romagnoli…
“Send them a warm hug, they have made a very important contribution. I have shared an important path with them, and I wish them well in their careers.”

Inter have already made a lot of transfer markets, Juventus are complementing the team, and Milan are a bit behind. Should Milan recover much?
“I am sure we will be ready on August 13. Then as a coach if they tell me we will be full tomorrow I will be happy, but I know it will not be like that. We are open to many things, but we are starting from a very solid base. As of July 15 I will have a strong team to train and on July 15 I can bring a strong team into the league.”

Have you thought about 3 men’s defense?
“The return of Kier is very important: he and I have been missing him for 7 months, because of his technical qualities and his presence on the field, it will take some acclimatization. It could be a valid solution and we will try to develop it with a little attention.”

What kind of new defender do you expect?
“Tomori is a right-footed player who can play on the left, and the foot is not a decisive advantage. Let’s see and evaluate what we have and then there will be a way and time to intervene. The club is ready to do that.”

When will Ibrahimovic return?
“He is negotiating the new agreement. I hope we will eventually get it as soon as possible,” he added.

Who will be the rival of Milan?
“There are 5-6 teams that can fight for the Scudetto. We have managed to create a little bit of magic and synergy to find the Scudetto. I can’t wait until July 15th to find them. It will be important to keep the spirit and the desire to work and grow and always put the team as a point of reference and not individual”.

How is the Milan calendar?
“The level is very high and very competitive. I watched it, but I did not know which opponent. Next year everyone will want to beat Milan, we must prepare better than last year for every match.”

How much is a Fire Pioli for this season?
“If it is about fire, it is about enthusiasm and passion at its best.”

TMW – We were actually talking last year about looking for 7 that makes 10 and 10 that makes 7. Could Ziyech be the right profile in that sense?
“I don’t know (laughs). Messias was a good tournament. The management will do their best.”

How does it feel that not many people give Milan the best?
“I’m happy, last year we started fourth or fifth… so it’s okay.”

Is it true that you would like a squad of 28 to 29 players?
“No, there are many. Dual roles are very important, but having so much cannot help our work.”

What can one expect from Origi?
“The most important aspect is the hierarchy: it will be there, but it will be game by game. It has always been my way of training and our strength. I don’t have a junior team in mind. We need to have 22 starts. Players. We have a lot of games to think about. That Theo Hernandez, a physical phenomenon he can play all of. It is not important to think about hierarchy, but to have two strong players with different characteristics, which is the most important. In such authentic and tactical football, it is important. Origi has experience and I expect a lot “.

Which player will you bet on?
“Bennacer, I expect a lot from Isma because I know he can give a lot.”

It was summer hit…
“Beautiful, but also weird. It drives me to be more excited and please our fans, who are really unique.”

What will you do again last season?
“I’m not saying I’m not thinking about last season anymore. We need to take some ideas. Everything went well, I made some mistakes, but in the end we got a great result.”

Is it easier to win or reassert?
“I don’t know. Winning was definitely not easy. We want to raise our level.”

What features do you want from the market?
“Quality, because we had more difficulties with closed teams. In those games, extra solo play or extra shot can help.”

15:24 | Stefano Pioli’s press conference ends here.

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