Men and women, doubts about Matteo and Valeria: Federica’s reaction

For days we have been talking about the alleged end of history between Matthew Ranieri And the Valeria Cardone. It seems that the two have not heard from each other for some time and are betting a lot on the fact that an announcement of their separation is coming soon. latest news And in this sense they arrived in the last few hours thanks to the reports received from the headlines of gossip experts Dianera Marzano And the Amedeo Fenza.

However, people on the Internet seem very curious to know their point of view Federica Arversano About the topic that is generating a lot of conversations on social media in these hours.

The girl fought for the sake of interest Matthew While participating in men and women. He finally decided to leave the studio with valeriabut despite the initial disappointment Federica He doesn’t seem to hold a grudge toward the former Tronista. To the note of a fan who assumed satisfaction knowing the crisis between them valeria And the MatthewThe Arsano replied:

Well all the questions. Very liar, I have never rejoiced in the difficult moments that others go through. Actually, I’m sorry.

Continuing to respond to her followers, the ex-fiancé admitted that she was a jealous girl and that she was very bad in the past due to some romantic stories that ended badly.

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