Metaverse, dialogue (and awesomeness) with Roberto Paul, Baby View and Stephen Zhang

We tried to meet three very famous personalities in the metaverse, marking our stories at the digital event, to launch the new LogIn website.

Internet with the bodyIt was a year ago when Mark Zuckerberg, creator of Facebook, gave this definition of metaverse. We started talking about this digital reality, in parallel with the everyday tangible, with the company founded in 2004 that took the name Meta not by chance. After twelve months and many words, often randomly spent, on the new virtual face of the network, the courier He decided to give it a try, and created Journalistic content in the metaverse.

Interviews in the metaverse

On the occasion of the celebration of the launch of the new “Corriere Logan” portal, starting from 19 pm this evening live «Stories in the digital worldWhere will the supporters be? Roberto Paul, Baby View and Stephen Zhang Nor did anyone (not even themselves) see them. Three hugely popular personalities have loaned themselves to transform themselves into avatars and to enter the “copy” of the LOGIN editorial staff to be interviewed by exploiting the potential of being “physically” together, despite separation and possibly in distant locations.

From Milan (and Rome) to Metaverse

Baby Viewthe fencing champion registered by the state police, was in Gymnasium at Fiamme Oro in Tor di Quinto in Rome. Stephen Zhang and Roberto Bol They were instead in Milan, respectively Inter House and all Arcimboldi . Theater. Each of them wore a virtual reality helmet viewer and found himself dropped into the metaverse – one of the many digital and immersive realities being born – as the journalist – avatar was waiting for him to gather his first impressions of this new world.

virtual surprise

The editorial was reproduced in the metaverse by Turin Quibee Agency. Everyone is amazed. Even digital natives, like Zhang, 31 – the youngest Serie A president in Italian football history – and Fio, 25, who immediately attempted a jab. The Inter President was so impressed that he wanted to invite him too Romelu Lukaku, speaking of the official presentation, to access it as an avatar in the interview: You’ll watch the strange encounter during tonight’s event. Just as you can admire Roberto Paul, 47, who overcame an inevitable moment of confusion, performed a string of Porte de Bras. Tasting Tour of Roberto Paul and Friends. “Dance is an ancient art that can be showcased in the future thanks to innovations like this“.

comprehensive technology

The pills of tomorrow, when digital technology allows us to meet wherever we are, overcoming not only the barriers of space, but the boundaries of the body. A world that on the one hand creates more than a few fears and on the other hand promises new opportunities for growth and equal opportunity. Bebe Vio: “A person’s disability is related to their environment. When, thanks to technology, we all have the opportunity to do the same things, then the same word for disability is no longer there.“.

other guests

About the three interviews, the LOGIN editorial team will attempt to analyze the characteristics of the metaverse in the company of other guests. philosopher Telmo Bivani It will look at their human nature and how we will have to adapt to live in this new environment. clerk Carlo Lucarelli And the psychiatrist Massimo Picossi They will explain how the digital narrative is changing, while the cybersecurity expert Francesca Bosco It will assess the risks and opportunities of the mix between real and virtual. Sabrina BaggioniVodafone, Director of 5G, will talk about the many metavers that exist and how they will come together in an ecosystem with the potential to explore them, while Massimiliano Garry, Director of Innovation and Market at Terna, will tell us about the technological development of the country’s infrastructures. the artist Andrea Bonaccito and Paulo ManazaFinally, they will explain how a work of art in NFT generates non-replaceable, non-repeatable “tokens” whose originality is traced.

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