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From Marta Serafini

Ankara is ready to mine the Black Sea, but the solution is far away: the Ukrainians do not trust, the reclamation takes months. Turkey intercepts Russian ship laden with grain

from our reporter
Odessa – When on Saturday morning, in the tourist resort of Carolina Bogaz, the body of a man was pulled out of the water and another body was taken to the hospital due to a concussion, about fifty kilometers north, in Odessa, many shook their bodies. heads. This is not just the countless incident of unwary vacationers daring to violate the ban on bathing, despite the now rumored military authorities threatening to send those who err. subject which, For the Black Sea and the entire world, the mines floating above the Queen have literally become a weapon of mass destruction which can indirectly kill thousands of people even hundreds of kilometers away.

You tell me, you say grain mass. According to the World Food Program, a global food disaster could lead to 47 million people going hungry over the next year. It is a tragedy that Ankara says it has a ready-made solution, as Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan promised, at the conclusion of the summit with French President Emmanuel Macron after Moscow was declared in Turkey. If the Ukrainians clear the Black Sea, we will be able to negotiate the grain corridor, the proposal of Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov was To his Turkish counterpart Molt Cavusoglu, during a previous meeting the Ukrainians were not invited. We’ll take care of reclamation, it was the Sultan’s show. But for Kyiv, think of clearing Queen Odessa beaches as a poker trick.

So far, not even the restoration of Snake Island seems to have calmed the souls of Ukrainians. Western analysts have called for the Russians to be expelled from that patch of land 35 kilometers from the coast A symbolic and strategic victory for Kiev. But for Jeffrey Edmonds, senior analyst at the Center for Marine Analytics, a Virginia-based think tank, citing Washington PostAnd the The Russian Navy can still threaten trade with warships and submarines. And again: just two weeks ago, US officials confirmed al-Qaeda guardian How Russia’s Black Sea Fleet got orders to close the Ukrainian ports of Odessa, Ochakiv and the estuary of the Dnipro River through the use of underwater explosives. How do you believe in Moscow?

Ankara itself yesterday with the decision to kidnap someone Russian ship from Berdyansk loaded with stolen grain
, suggests the extent of the solution. Moreover, beyond politics too It is difficult to make certain predictions about the amount of ordnance and the timing of reclaim. According to a French military source, Le MondeIn total , Off the coast of Odessa, between 50 and 100 sea mines float. But, as he explains to Corriere della Sera Vito Alfieri Fontana, who after its production decided to devote his life to combating it, the greatest damage can be caused by inert mines that remain at the bottom, programmed to explode after a certain number of ships have passed.

To this we must add that even if it is decided to restore the port, According to the military advisers to Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky, the operations will require at least three months of work.. But the figures that indicate this – Alfieri Fontana – relate to military demining, that is, operations that open a corridor, but leave at least a 10 percent risk of new explosions.

Thus, in this context, it is not surprising that despite the increase in the number of merchant ships sailing in the southern part of the Black Sea, transportation and insurance costs rose after several ships were hit in the first days of the Russian voyage. Invade. It is not surprising how Part of the shipping companies decided to stay away from the area completely.

Along with mine, the problem persists. And the Those 25 million tons of grain are still stuck in the port of Odessasteadfast in hope that the Black Sea will find peace again.

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