Monza, Pesina ready to return as captain: agreement with Atalanta

The national team midfielder is expected to undergo medical tests on Wednesday

Monza Galliani and Berlusconi He’s completely taken over the market and doesn’t seem ready to stop at all. After the signatures of Ranuccia, Cragno and Sensi, the Brianza Club acquired an old acquaintance: Matteo Pesina is ready to marry the club again Which made him grow as a footballer. There is an aggregate agreement with Atalanta based on a $3 million loan plus a 12 million redemption obligation in the event of a redemption. Medical examinations are scheduled for Wednesday, with the Red and White club preparing to assign him the captain’s armband.

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Pesina is a hearty return At Monza’s house. Matteo gave the first kicks for the ball straight onto Brianteo’s lawn, in the youth sector. Beginning in 2015 long apprenticeship, From Milan until the passage to Atalanta. Then the dedication of a European shirt, goals and plays that concluded the European Championship for our national team. Now Pessina is ready to return home, taking on the role of leader for the first time. The captain’s armband is just waiting for him, It’s now a matter of hours. As part of the process is also smiling Milan who will collect 50% On sale as covered by the previous transfer agreement from Satan to the Gods.

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