Omicron 5, coronavirus and abnormalities in hospitals. What are diseases – time

Cases of the virus in Italian hospitals are increasing day by day. But in the ward there is an anomaly that few think about. In fact, most patients arrive at the hospital due to other illnesses, and only later find out that they have coronavirus. There is also another system through which the number of infections is rising. Mostly, these are people who arrive at the hospital to accompany minors, the elderly, or just to take medications. In this case, they undergo routine smears and, more often than not, find that they have contracted the virus even though they are often completely asymptomatic.

It is spoken of by the ruler of Liguria, Giovanni Totti. “Covid does not have the same effects as two years ago – he confirms – there are much fewer patients in our hospitals, in Liguria only 30% are actually hospitalized with the virus, 70% are hospitalized for other reasons and then find out. It is positive and asymptomatic in Routine swabs and classify as a covid patient.” That is why the local authorities are asking the government to change the legislation in place to reorganize the entire system according to the different health situation. “The government is reformulating rules that no longer correspond to reality – repeats Totti – today we continue to consider it a more serious disease than it really is, with hospitals organized according to the virus and therefore less effective in responding to other diseases,” the limitations in many areas of health care, namely It is a system of tampons leaving thousands of infected people asymptomatic and forced to go home for days.”

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