Omicron 5: The unusual symptom that many sufferers accuse of the new variant

Omicron 5, the new alternative to Covid-19, is currently the most widespread and contagious. Let’s learn about the common signs of the disease, as well as the unusual symptoms reported by many patients

When the epidemic started, it was COVID-19 It comes with a long list of potential symptoms ranging from fever and cold to loss of smell and taste.

Among the various variables Omicron BA5 is It is the most widespread and currently contagious, which unleashed what many call the sixth summer wave. The infection appears to start with symptoms similar to those of the common cold, causing infections to occur more in the upper respiratory tract rather than the lower respiratory tract and can affect the lungs.

Symptoms also appeared to start earlier, about three days after infection, compared to five days for the delta variant.

L ‘World Health Organization (WHO) warns that despite being less lethal than Delta, Omicron 5 has a high level of infection and hospitalization. This means that we still have to pay close attention to disease prevention.

But what are the symptoms to watch out for? How is it different from previous virus strains that caused a global pandemic? According to the reports collected by the Ministry, compared to other variants, they appear more clearly, but for a shorter period.

Even a high fever

In this type, it is very common to have a fever, even very severe, in the first two or three days of illness

Runny nose and sore throat

One of the most common Omicron 5 symptoms is a cold and Runny nose. Add to this Cough and sore throat, which determines the symptoms of infection with the Covid-19 virus; In fact, this is not only a specific symptom of Omicron 5, but among all the variants known to date.

Loss of sense of smell and taste

Loss of smell or taste is even rarer for Omicron 4. In fact, this was a specific symptom at the start of the epidemic, and one that we find in most patients with Long-Covid disease. With Omicron 5, these symptoms are less common, and only one in five people report them.


In addition to colds and sore throats, another symptom that unites all variants, and therefore also Omicron 5, is exhaustion Feeling tired doing even simple daily activities.

Muscle and back pain

The first reports of Omicron from South Africa included major symptoms Severe lower back pain and more generally, muscle pain.

An unusual mention has been added to this most popular one Pain in the knees, even reported by children; Fortunately, this discomfort in the joints and muscles only lasts a few days, a day or two at the most.

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