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Just over a year after the original release comes Outriders Worldslayer: Square Enix’s first expansion of the shooter People Can Fly looter.

It was an obstacle course for the Outriders during the first fourteen months of life. Realizing his desire to strip himself of the clash of GaaS shooters, a game people can fly However, he wasn’t really able to steal the show from almost all of his direct competitors. This is despite the development team’s lineage and a series of ideas that are certainly interesting, but not entirely revolutionary. After endless server problems, several months of life strongly tied to distribution via Xbox Game Pass and a free update just as important as New Horizon, and here the People Can Fly guys try to drop the ace with the first true expansion of Outriders: Worldslayer.

After I tell you most of its aspects and novelties with its previous experience; And after the speculations made at the end of the game last month, we’re ready to tell you what we think of this game Outriders Worldslayer Review. Avoid dwelling on known additions and try to understand if the project still has a future. It’s time to dive into the darkest regions of ENOC and its devastated past.

In search of the castle

Outriders Worldslayer – Tarya Gratar is waiting for you

Worldslayer It starts where we left off. Enoch is a place a little unknown, but it is still far from the Promised Land for which we have traveled for so long into nothingness in space. Anomalies are always present, one step away from us, and while we ideally continue to retrieve dozens and dozens of centuries of atmosphere through expeditions, it is the storms that really worry.

And because of one of those EreshkigalA new-in-service villain who bears the weight of a regular Starcraft, feels compelled to unload her pain and recently acquired powers to pit her handful of rebels against the Outriders.

The New discount It also manages to have two or three interesting moments, but what leaves a lot to be desired is the sense of haste and a little depth that lives ingrained in the Worldslayer story. It’s no coincidence that the new expansion campaign can easily be completed in four hours, which can go up or down a bit depending on the combination of difficulty and completed secondary tasks.

Don’t get us wrong: we never expected a campaign to be nearly as long as the base game, but there’s always a sense that everything stems from a missed opportunity. We’re still talking about a development team that thinks about the substance and tends not to care about the reasons, but then why work so hard on building a story and characters They are not used? We assure you that from the point of view of the motivators Outriders Wordslayer is not a joke. Unfortunately, everything goes away, at a time when it cannot be deciphered and a conclusion really leaves a bad taste in the mouth, as well as opening more doors than closing. The discovery is yours!

Change never changes

Outriders Worldslayer - Lots of new loot

Outriders Worldslayer – Lots of new loot

We’ve said it over and over again: Outriders are fun. This is the aspect that can hardly change for the worse. The development team is one of the pioneers of TPS in the world and they never miss the ability to always find some new ideas to stand out from the crowd. Despite this, Outriders really failed to break through to players, and still made a whole bunch of fans and soulful. In light of this new expansion, released as the first post-release paid content, To the modest (non) amount of 40 eurosit was reasonable to expect something more from People Can Fly.

The reality looks a little different. Yes, because it’s hard to give up a title that makes his toughness his own Play A stylistic figure that can suffice by itself for many players. So where does this general dissatisfaction come from? We played and checked Worldslayer. Time wasted on his bizarre lists. Facing and conquering new threats The ruins of Taria Gratar. Only at the end of many speculations do we then understand: the main point is that nothing has changed, and so we may be the first to get a little tired of the constant repetition of the fun game, but it’s always the same. A series of mechanisms that do not bring about any real changes in this expansion.

Outriders Worldslayer - There is no shortage of new bosses

Outriders Worldslayer – There is no shortage of new bosses

The Pax points It’s nothing more than a way to hide new skill points – they were written and customized at specific moments in history. The Apocalypse levels It doesn’t change much compared to its predecessors, if not the obvious need to expand the growth and artificial longevity of the title even more. The progression on the new maps is, if possible, more linear than in the base game. Long, narrow lanes lead from one crowd to another. Few turns, few triggers, only lead to bullets.

This is the feeling that has made its way inside us over the hours, unchanging and unforgiving. We were having fun, but we already knew everything. Shortly thereafter, the only true news was revealed to us. The latter is far from represented by many new weapons and armor which then eventually unlock like all other weapons and carry the same seven perks.

What changed our view of things for the better? The end of the new game: Taria Gratar. On the other hand, the Expeditions that represented the final phase of the game for the entire first year missed precisely the theme and location. Tarya Gratar’s auditions don’t deviate from the concept, but absorb and re-imagine it, bringing everything into a narrative timeline that also serves as the backdrop to the Worldslayer’s end.

taria gratar

Outriders Worldslayer - Enoch is increasingly hostile

Outriders Worldslayer – Enoch is increasingly hostile

Playing the Worldslayer apocalypse game means finding yourself drawn to Pax’s origin and architecture. The castle is nothing but a giant dungeon Different tests were made from each other by type, location and bonuses, but all of them are united by the need to kill and advance to the next room.

for dungeon progress It is necessary to choose a path and complete one or more of the various tests laid before us. Whether it’s waves, simple progression mechanisms or a real boss, the feeling is that the Polish team somehow tried to reimagine the journey’s conclusion as something special. roguelite in the third person. It’s also clear that this element, given the randomness of events and enemies, also increases replayability: a key element of a title that should make this expansion last for months, waiting to see what direction the project will take.

It goes without saying that during the tests it will be possible to recover best bootyIn addition to getting some recent and interesting answers to the relationship between the human race and Enoch, in the end it actually smells of fate for the way it was presented and the language it follows. Always staying away from the overall quality of the writing and the technical depth.


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Outriders Worldslayer is the expansion we’ve all come to expect from the end. It doesn’t disturb the cards on the table, but rather adds a few campaign hours, a significant amount of new loot and increases the depth of its tradition and the depth of its role in creating the builds that are still spearheading today. So the choice should be simple: Are you tired of Outriders? Leave it in place, it will not give you one extra moment of joy. On the other hand, if lead and ENOC addiction does not pass, then the 40 euros required to enter is certainly not low, but it may be worth the hours you will spend taming the Tarya Gratar exams over and over again.


  • The new ending game is well thought out, in a playful and narrative way
  • Lots of new loot and builds that can come with it
  • The price is not completely low, but there are no microtransactions


  • New campaign struggles to take off despite lack of longevity
  • Peace points and apocalypse levels are not strong
  • The new areas are more linear than the previous ones

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