Pharmaceuticals, Diana Bracco: “Research, Innovation, and Growing Predictive Medicine”

“The terrible health emergency has made us understand many things, The holistic vision for one health has been establishedand ‘everyone understands’ The immeasurable value of scientific research and innovationThe only weapon that can defeat disease and protect us now and in the future. At the beginning of the pandemic, no one would have imagined that so many vaccines and treatments would be found in such a short time. Success resulting from world-class scientific research, with better support from international and national institutions, and an outstanding miracle for companies in the sector Life sciencea sector that is also becoming increasingly important in our country, generating more than 11% of the GDP and being one of Italy’s industry leaders.” Thus, in an interview with Class magazine, Diana Bracco, President and CEO (CEO) of the Bracco Group, one of the most authoritative figures in Italian entrepreneurship. Under his leadership, the family business founded by his grandfather Elio Bracco in 1927 gained a world leadership position in diagnostic imaging and today has 3,600 employees and a turnover of more than 1.6 billion euros, 88% of which are international sales.

integration between Molecular biology, biotechnology and digital It is making a profound revolution. “Medicine – explains Bracco – is becoming more and more predictive and personalized to the individual patient not only for diagnosing but also for predicting outcomes and for guiding the most effective treatment. Fighting the virus has favored, among other things, the widespread use of RNA technology that could be used in the future to fight the deadly diseases of our time. Oncology, cardiovascular disease, and autoimmune disease have favored acceleration of technologies and highlighted the urgency of evolving bases to monitor, use and share big health-related data in real time, not only for diagnosis but also to provide effective, targeted and sustainable therapies.”

Looking at the international situation, the entrepreneur notes that “the war in Ukraine impeded the recovery after the pandemic, created a very strong inflationary impulse associated with energy supplies and exacerbated tensions over raw material prices. Chemical and pharmaceutical companies are energy hungry and so, as happens to many families, they struggle to make ends meetThat is why, like Confindustria, we are asking the government for decisive interventions in energy matters and a significant reduction in the tax wedge in favor of workers.”

When describing the main areas of interest, the number one in the group states: “Our research activity is aimed primarily at Develop highly innovative molecules and diagnostic techniques For the ever better management of procedures in a wide range of related diseases. We then work, both in process and product innovation, in green chemistry, magnetic resonance diagnostics, microbubble diagnostics and therapy for ultrasound procedures and to develop innovative agents for applications in nuclear energy tumor imaging. medicine “.

Bracco’s investment in R&I is 10% of the reference trading volume. The group “was always attentive Find interesting startups and growth opportunities through acquisitions and agreements – Explains the owner of the project in the interview -. Recently, Bracco imaging, in which my nephew Fulvio Renoldi Bracco is Vice President and CEO, acquired an important British company, Blue Earth Diagnostics, which expands our product portfolio by enriching it with new solutions in nuclear imaging of tumors in urology and other specialties and has It was also awarded the M&A award for the best Italian offshore merger and acquisition in 2019 also working in the health services sector.”

Diana Bracco is also the President and CEO of Italian Diagnostic Center (Cdi), a fact “I was born in 1975 from the brilliant intuition of Fulvio’s parents and friend Sergio Chiappa, head of radiology at Fatebenefratelli. The winning idea—he explains—was to create a full-service outpatient health facility aimed at prevention, diagnosis and treatment in a day hospital, A structure with state-of-the-art technology, quality doctors and spotty attention to patients. With this prescription, Cdi has never stopped growing and has become a franchise in Lombard and Italian healthcare.”

Always in search of clinical excellence—the interview text reads—according to its mission, “Cdi has two cyberknife, the revolutionary radiosurgical robot that puts us at the forefront of cancer treatment. Our diagnostic imaging and nuclear medicine provide the most advanced and innovative tools such as: Dual-component source computed tomography of 64 layers, PET/PET, 6 MRI (two of which are open) for a total of more than 220,000 examinations reported annually.The laboratory uses the largest automated chain in Italy, ensuring data security and, at the same time, a number of Large number of analyzes exceed five million in one year.”

They can’t be missing out on the group’s present and future Artificial intelligence and big data. “The face of medicine is changing – notes Bracco – as well as the so-called friendly sciences, ie radiology and genomics, which represent the new frontiers of personalized therapies. During the pandemic, the Bracco Imaging Center and the Italian Diagnostic Center have developed the Ai-for-covid Imaging Archive. , a database containing thousands of radiological examinations which has been made available to the entire international scientific community to predict the clinical progression of the disease and to obtain and permit personalized and timely treatments.”

Bracco Group – writes Class – is one of the major players on a global scale due to its ability to provide advanced products and solutions for various shooting methods. In 2021, Bracco incurred costs for research, development and support activities amounting to €161.5 million. About 10% of revenue. Product innovation projects are underway in the field of MRI diagnostics for diagnosis and microbubble therapy for ultrasound procedures and for the development of innovative agents for applications in tumor imaging in nuclear medicine.

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