PS5, Patent for Backward Compatibility with PS3 Peripherals Provided by Sony –

PS5 can become Compatible with the previous generation with accessories PS3according to patent It was uploaded by Sony to refer to the operation of devices such as DualShock, Media Remote, PlayStation Mouse, EyeToy, PlayStation Move, and Memory Card.

These are mostly extensions to Play station 3which seems to suggest the idea of ​​a greater commitment on the part of the Japanese company insimulation from the console PlayStation 5So far, it has been resolved live (see also our special offer on the new PlayStation Plus).

PS5, patent with PS3 accessories

Of course, it is also possible that the project simply provides support for some devices in order to ensure full backward compatibility with PS3 era games, but without indicating the arrival of a suitable emulator for the platform.

As we know, this kind of solution is complicated by special technology It was adopted for the PlayStation 3, which initially represented more of a limit than an opportunity for the console from a game development standpoint.

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