Red dress and revealing underwear

Charlotte Casiraghi It was the champion of Jumping International in Monte Carlo, where she literally dominated the scene with dramatic changes in appearance, which made the absence of Charlene from Monaco completely forgotten.

Charlotte Casiraghi beats Charlene of Monaco

Charlotte Casiraghi could not miss one of the most important dates in the equestrian world, as she competed successfully since childhood and also benefited from this talent during Paris Fashion Week where she participated in the Chanel show while riding a horse.

So, the gorgeous daughter of Carolina from Monaco returns for a weekend in Monte Carlo, long enough to completely hide her aunt-in-law, Charlene Monaco who vanished over the weekend after appearing in a fiery red suit on the beach. In his absence, Charlotte and Carolina replaced him alongside Alberto during the Jumping International, not only to enjoy the races but also to reward the winners. This year’s edition appears to be a real hit, thanks to some structural improvements that make the jumps more straightforward and exciting.

But the interest was attracted not only by the thoroughbred horses, but also by the beautiful Charlotte Casiraghi, who this time accompanied the Principality to the Principality. Her husband, Dimitri, is a painter. The last time we saw them together at Cannes.

Charlotte Casiraghi, red dress and revealing underwear

Charlotte obviously bragged Chanel look, and the house who is the brand ambassador. Already with the first outfit she surpassed herself. Monegasque was fitted with a red sleeveless hood, in which the Monegasque logo was translucently reproduced on the fabric, with transverse bulges. Short above the knee, Casiraghi paired it with white sandals with a high platform. However, a dress with a large figure, perhaps too high for the bust, moves, revealing white underwear and lace. A small embarrassment to Charlotte who, however, doesn’t seem particularly bothered by the inconvenience, in fact almost not if you notice.

The second look is a short-sleeved maxi dress with a pleated bodice and a long skirt. The dress is embellished in shades of black, blue, light blue, pink and white, with a visible logo. Charlotte wears it with a pair of black high heel sandals. The hairstyle is very elegant, a high knot yet shaggy that brings out the oval shape of the thin and perfect face.

Charlotte Casiraghi, the curtain of the bouquet

Charlotte replaced both Charlene of Monaco and her mother, Carolina, appearing alongside Alberto in the award winner, Max Konner. During the ceremony, Charlotte was the heroine of a funny curtain. In fact, while the prince handed the trophy, I got the bouquet. But before you can pass it on to the knight, taste his horse.

This was the only moment when the beauty of Casiraghi did not attract attention. Indeed, on the runway, during the race, there were those who could not take their eyes off her, although she did not reciprocate.

Super chic Caroline Monaco

Of course, Charlotte’s elegance is also the result of her mother Caroline Monaco who at Jumping International wore a white shirt with a black bow at the neck, a thread of pearls and pink trousers: a hymn to the femininity and refinement that had always distinguished her and her daughter as a worthy heiress.

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