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From Chiara Maviletti

The Latin pop star has received a restraining order preventing him from contacting or contacting the person who requested it, which is currently unknown.

With just a few lines delivered on Twitter to his more than 20 million followers, Ricky Martin vehemently denied the allegations of domestic violence that led to a restraining order being issued against him. “Everything is based on completely false accusations – wrote the singer -. I will respond through the legal process, with facts and dignity.” Since this is a legal issue, he added, “I will not be able to comment further. But I am grateful for the endless messages of solidarity and receive them with all my heart.” El Vocero, a newspaper in Puerto Rico, attempted to better define the parameters of a story still out of focus, making it known that the person accusing the Latin pop king of being a stalker is an ex-boyfriend of him for at least seven months. Once the two separated – and they dated back two months earlier – Martin would not have accepted the end of the story, appearing at the home of those who had asked for the order at least three times, so much so that now that person would have declared that “the fear for their personal safety”.

But now the police have made it clear That the singer, who turned 50 last December, has not been charged with any crime: Although a judge issued an injunction against Martin on Saturday, the authorities who would have applied the injunction were unable to find Martin in Puerto Rico. Dorado where he lives. That is why the order was filed. Meanwhile, the singer’s lawyers called the allegations “completely false and fabricated,” and declared that they were “very confident: when the true facts emerge, our client Ricky Martin will be completely acquitted.” In 2017, Martin married Swedish artist of Syrian descent, Joan Youssef, and in the story of their lives in this golden and not always honest world which is social media, the two have always been united and connected (in one of the latest photos he depicts them together, Martin calls it: “My soul) “). Together they raise 13-year-old twins, Matteo and Valetino, and two other three-year-olds, born a few months apart, Lucia and Wren. According to rumors, the person who asked for the order is not Yusef. However, this remains a rather complicated period for the singer.

Not even a week ago He was sued by his former manager, Rebecca Drucker, who now charges $3 million in unpaid commissions. Perhaps it is. The woman also claimed that she saved the singer’s career and protected him from the “disastrous consequences” of his actions. Drucker then added that she experienced a “toxic work environment” during the years she was at Martin’s side, and also had to deal with his “personal problems, such as the nanny chosen to care for her children, non-payment of taxes and drug use.”

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