“Roma is the right choice, I’m here for Mourinho. Pellegrini is up front”

Rome – First day in Trigoria Namanga matic. The Serbian midfielder is ready to start his adventure in Rome this afternoon conspiracy Journalism.

take the word Thiago Pinto: “Matic has played over 600 games in his career, won nine titles, no introduction needed. I’m proud that he made that choice, he can choose anything. In two or three days we came to an agreement. He can do it. Helps in and out. The pitch and in the mentality.”

matic conference

You played a lot under Mourinho, how did this association arise with him and what was your first goal?
“We know each other very well, and I’m glad to find him again. Roma is a great club, I’m very happy. Only Lampard has played more than me with Mourinho, I’ll try to beat him. This team has very young and competent players, and I can’t wait to start training.”

Where does your decision to leave the Prime Minister to join the Italian League come from? What is happening in Manchester?
“I have spent eight and a half years of my career in the Premier League. Roma has a strong attraction for everyone, Serie A is an interesting league and it will be a good challenge. I could have continued in the Premier League, but I decided to change my experience. We will see how it goes but I am convinced that I have taken Right decision. Manchester haven’t won that long, but they will definitely improve and I wish them the best. It’s hard to say what will happen, it has been a source of pride for me to be in one of the best clubs in the world.”

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Matic: “I’m here for Mourinho”

Negotiations with Rome did not last long. Did the conference win influence your choice?
“The negotiations were fast. Roma’s victory in the conference did not affect my choice. When I make a decision, nothing makes me change my mind.”

Could Pellegrini have characteristics similar to those of Lampard?
“Pellegrini is one of the most important players, and I’m sure we will have a great understanding. I like him very much, like the rest of the team. I prefer not to mention names for fear of forgetting someone.”

Would you rather play in midfield or midfield?
“Mourinho can change the playing system according to his players. In my career I played in the midfield with two and three, and I adapt to the coach’s needs.”

Why did you sign up for a year with a second option? Do you have any other offers?
“It is normal for different offers to arrive, I wanted Roma and return to Jose. I understand the question, I have had other offers but I am sure I made the right decision.”

Did you already hear from Mourinho before signing with Roma?
“We have a good relationship with Mourinho. Last year we didn’t hear from each other, we did it for Roma a few months ago. He told me he wanted me here and that’s an important factor. Also, the ambition of the club coincides with mine, and we will draw the results in May.”

Mourinho arrives in Rome:

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Mourinho arrived in Rome: “We will talk on August 13”

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