Sea, dinner and gym. Latest snapshots of Fiorentina vacationers

Vacations are running out to see the viola, which is expected to resume work from today in Florence

Vacations are over for many Fiorentina players. In fact, this week the preparation phase for the 2022/2023 season begins. Some players are already back in town while others will do so directly today. Those who went to the national team after the tournament ended will join their teammates in the next few days. Reports Nation.

Therefore, a large part of the team will meet tonight at the Sports Center with the Italian coach and his crew. As of tomorrow, the players will undergo the classic medical examinations for the beginning of the season. Physical and sports tests and the first legs on the national team stadiums. In fact, Viola will train at Coverciano’s Technical Center Because of some work going on at the Davide Astori Sports Center. On Sunday, the team will move to Moena, where they will remain until July 24 at the two-week classic training camp.

There are those who return to Florence and those who arrive for the first time, like Rolando Mandragora. That on Saturday he had medical exams (in Rome). The former Turin was on vacation in Ibiza With his girlfriend Lucia Persico. Now he is ready to take on the new adventure in the purple jersey. Some players enjoyed their vacation at home. for example Cabral And the Igor who visited Brazil. also amrabat He chose to come home for vacations and recharge his batteries in Morocco. unforgettable trip to Castrovilli, who honeymooned with his wife Rachel went first to the Maldives and then to Sri Lanka.

Thin Instead he recently went to Catania. To celebrate the parents’ silver wedding and accompany mother Monica to the altar. Guaranteed fun for Nico Gonzalez, Who went to Miami with the ex viola Torreira.

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