She believed in colic, and Manuela of the Voice did not know that she was pregnant and gave birth in Calabria

The Brazilian singer, who participated in the “Carioca” version of the Rai2 format, did not know that she was pregnant: she was born in Vibo Valentia.

Her name is Manoela Fortuna, she is 28 years old and she is a 28-year-old Brazilian singer who is famous in her homeland, having participated in the talent show “The Voice Brasil”. It is the most read news in Brazil: the artist did not know that she was pregnant and gave birth to a girl in Calabria, in Vibo Valentia. The little girl is called Esperanza. The news was first released by TgCom, which then collected the words of Gaetano Caracciolo, the singer’s music friend: “She looked fatter, had abdominal pain and thought it was colic.”


A friend of Manoela Fortuna told TgCom that “it was a shock to everyone”. Meanwhile, the girl’s father was informed: “It’s coming from Brazil.” Manuela Fortuna started taking painkillers for a while because the pains were getting more intense, but then in the past 24 hours the conditions got worse, hence the idea of ​​going to the hospital with the help of their friends who found them. Earth losing blood. There was no problem in the abdomen, the pains began.


After he was shipped to the hospital, the facility’s doctors quickly realized that Manuela Fortuna was having contractions. A few hours later, the baby was born: the newborn, named Esperanza, is fine and weighs 2450 kilograms. It was said that the singer wanted to call her daughter by the names of midwives Antonella and Rita, but then decided on the name Esperanza.

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Great happiness for this unexpected news, the singer’s friend confirmed that the conditions of the mother and daughter are excellent. TgCom said. “TheOr that my partner is now back from the hospital, we have brought her some girls’ dresses.” The perfect happy ending story for “I Didn’t Know I Was Pregnant”.

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