Shooting in Copenhagen, provisional toll is 3 dead and 3 seriously injured. “He is known to the authorities, but he has no serious history,” the police chief said of the arrested 22-year-old.

me at least Three victims It was confirmed after the shooting at the Feld shopping center in Copenhagen, Denmark. This was stated at the press conference by the chief of police. Soren Thomassen. Among the victims were a man in his forties and two young men whose ages were not specified. In addition – continued the police chief – there are many wounded, Three of them are in critical conditionThis is the first outcome of the massacre that took place in the shopping center in Feld, the Danish capital, in which a 22-year-old Danish man was arrested. “At the time of his arrest, he had a gun and ammunition – continued the police chief – but he could also use another weapon. According to one of the witnesses, in fact, the 22-year-old was going to use a pistol to shoot.

Police have not yet determined the type of weapon used. Furthermore, it has not been determined whether the alleged perpetrator of the massacre possessed a firearms license, or was a member of a shooting range, from whom he allegedly stole the weapons used in the shooting. During the authorized press conference Thomassen said investigators have not yet identified possible accomplices to the attack. As for the arrested young man, the police chief specified: “He is known to the authorities, but he does not have a serious record against him.” On the alleged motive, the police chief explained: “There is a rumor on social media that behind the attack was a racist or other motive, but at the moment we do not have enough evidence to confirm that.”

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