Sky commentator’s nonsense about the electric car

We are attached to the Formula One Grand Prix and take advantage of it to launch a nice attack on the electric car.

Sky commentator’s bullshit on the electric car: Another pearl, another example of how not to report on TV, after Nicolas Porro’s rude words.

Commentator's bullshit
Ex / Nicolas Porro spoke about “European madness. Electric car, we’re screwed: the EU is destroying our industry”

Commentator’s Nonsense: “In some ways, electricity pollutes more than gasoline.”

High-speed motors always run, even if we’re talking about something else, like British Grand Prix Formula One. And here it comes out attackWhich surprised many of our readers. The commentator begins by definingvillainous“The decision to switch to electricity only in matches from 2035. By saying that he is convinced, however, that in 13 years the European Union will also realize that it has made a mistake. Why never? Because, as the commentator explains, “Personal opinion, but electricity is not the solution to the problems. Also why electricity in some respects It pollutes more than using gasolineHere, at this point, we need to be clear, definitively, and also make it known to Sky management. this is not true Electricity pollutes more than gasoline engines.

Commentator's bullshit
Francesco Storace, No. 1 of the Enel Group.

The reaction between the cynic and the indignant

We don’t say that. say it Environmental Protection Agencythe US Federal Environment Agency (over here). say it International Energy AgencyThe world’s most accredited body for energy studies. And he says it European Economic AreaEuropean Environment Agency (over here). electricity Always More sustainable than gasoline engines, because emissions related to battery production are largely offset during the vehicle’s life cycle. Sky’s comment, as we have said, elicited many reactions, some in favor and some against. But there are also those, such as No. 1 of the Enel group Francesco Staras, He chose the path of sarcasm:Also because… also because… also because… no fear. We will always go to see the ICE car racing, also we still go to see Horse racing! And we’d love to hear that amazing noise on the track. Already on the right track“. or as the former secretary of Motus E, Dino Marcuse, Who defines the words of the indescribable commentatorhumor corner“.

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