Tananai, an accident during the party: slips, falls and …

Tananai was the protagonist of an accident on stage during the performance of Battiti Live, in Puglia. While he was throwing himself into the choir with Fedez, the singer slipped, and fell to the ground. Show on Instagram the consequences of falling…

incident on the stage Tanani. The singer has arrived the last to me sanremo festival, He is currently the protagonist of a summer song “the life is Nice”, with videos And the Mara Satie. The piece quickly became a hit, so the trio is the protagonist of major summer events with music all over Italy, including live rhythmson stage in Puglia.

It is a pity that just as the chorus was about to begin, Tanani She moved too hard, and it ended up with Slither on stage And falling backwards, hitting the backside. The Singer I tried to cover up the embarrassment Drops He smiles and continues to perform, while videos I got close to him Worry To understand whether it is okay …

Tananai: Rescue after the fall

video Drops From Tanani It quickly went viral, which made it viral on social media. Many joked about his agility and quick reflexes, although Singer At the moment, he doesn’t seem to have had any major problems: performance continued and Tanani Respond with a smile to the devastation Drops who saw him as the protagonist.

Upon returning to the hotel, immediately after the performance, Tanani He posted a story on Instagram joking about what happened. In the video we see that a file ankle clearly bandages But the singer does not give up laughing at him! likely Tanani took one to reply But there is nothing serious since he continued to sing and that he also wanted to joke once he got treatment.

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Certainly, from today on, he will have another episode of curiosity that will make him more sympathetic in the eyes of the web: from rejoicing in Sanremo to this last place hailed as a triumph, Tanani You always managed to be. Widely. And this time too there is no doubt that she will!

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