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9-9 Great Shoulder Parallel by Berenelli.

8-9 Cebecioglu passes in the middle of the wall.

8-8 Muroneeee from Mazzaro and Diop on Aydin!

7-8 first half of Mazzaro’s victory!

6-8 What an entrance to Cebecioglu.

6-7 D’Odorico brings us back to -1!

5-7 along the Diop attack.

5-6 Yildirim Wall in Mazaro.

5-5 score parallel to Cebecioglu.

5-4 Penny squarcini fast.

4-3 Diop Scores of the second line!

3-3 error of nine meters also for Aiden.

2-3 Diop service does not pass.

2-2 Diop finds my hand on the wall.

1-2 practical training for Cebecioglu.

1-1 deep diagonal for Diop.

0-1 The first point in the third group is the Turkish.

18:45 The blue runs in a second set with two faces: excellent the first part in which the Italians pushed in an important way above all in serve and in defense of the wall, then in the second part we experienced a slight comeback from Turkey which, fortunately, could not come back .

25-20 MURONEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE! Italy also won the second set.

24-20 Cebecioglu cancels the first.

24-19 There are 5 fixed points for Italy!

23-19 Diop’s Bad Attack.

23-18 Qatari victory Aydin.

23-17 Turkish defense disaster Fortunately we get out of a complicated situation.

22-17 Now we’re struggling in reception, we should never bring them back.

16-22 Turkish Ice.

22-15 Shoulder Aydin from 4th position.

22-14 Mazzaro’s hand from the middle.

21-14 The wall of Aydin against Diop.

21-13 Turks unlocked.

21-12 Cebecioglu steps on the three-meter line.

20-12 is a great parallel to Dodoriko! let’s run away!

12-19 Mazzaro the Seven Beautiful.

18-12 Diagonal Deep by D’Odorico!

17-12 Turkish first half.

17-11 Finally a good shoulder from Perinelli.

16-11 Mani-out by Cebecioglu from second place.

10-16 out of Aydin’s service.

9-15 Cebecioglu does not find my hand the wall.

14-9 Unfortunately, Perinelli’s attack went out, Elena calmed down a bit this evening.

14-8 Dodoriko winning tube, we take it all in defense!

13-8 MUROOOOOOO from MAZZARO! Yildirim does not pass and Turkey has a deadline.

12-8 mind out of Diop very heavy!

11-8 deep diagonal by D’Odorico, important change for the ball.

10-8 There is no agreement between Mazzaro and Bossio.

10-7 parallel to Yuzgenc.

10-6 Aceeeeee by Bosio!

9-6 Diop ends a long exchange!

8-6 misunderstandings in the reconstruction of Italy as well.

8-5 Aceeee by Squarcini!

7-5 does not mean the Turkish player and the central player.

6-5 Turkey time -1.

6-4 Dodoriko’s attack on the net.

6-3 Turkey’s disaster under reconstruction.

5-3 Muroneeeeeee by Bosio on Erkek!

4-3 Aceee by Perinelli!

3-3 The third Turkish error of nine meters.

2-3 Perinelli takes the wall.

2-2 Seven of Yildirim.

1-2 along the service of Aydin.

1-1 hands holding hands.

1-0 starts again with a foul by Unal in service.

18:10 The first set is really exciting, the level of play was not very high but because the adrenaline is really high and both teams made a lot of mistakes. Very well balanced game.

26-24 MUROOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!! Bossio says no to Acialdes!!! Italy’s first group!

25-24 D’Odorico’s training! Another set point.

24-24 Canceled by Akyol.

24-23 WE ARE GOOOOOOO! Cebecioglu attacks on the network. Set-point Italy!

23-23 Fast by Squarcini, back to racing!

22-23 Turkish offensive victory, we squander the unlikely.

22-22 Exit D’Odorico’s attack, from +4 possible to parity. Everything will be rebuilt.

22-21 Ice Kilic.

22-20 Diop’s fault, what a pity.

22-19 ANDIAMOOOO! Perinelli passes through the middle of the wall and this time leads us to +3!

21-19 is another Turkish foul from a height of nine metres.

20-19 diagonal arctic deep.

20-18 Acialdes joke don’t pass.

19-18 Perinelli Parallel Escape, Cannes + 3 Ball…

19-17 Aydin’s bloody foul.

18-17 Big Diagonal By D’Odorico, Let’s Go Back!

17-17 Yildirim Wall on Diop.

17-16 Diop training from the second line!

16-16 Mazzaro escapes the first half.

16-15 squarcini joke does not pass.

16-14 D’Odorico plays on the high hands of the wall.

15-14 Squarcini net invasion, too bad.

15-13 Achilles attack foul.

14-13 fast from Squarcini, Federica is clearly the best in the field.

13-13 Fault also by Perinelli, we’re wasting a lot of counterattacks.

13-12 Squarcini trained from the center.

12-12 Excellent exchange for Italy, which ended in a foul by Diop.

12-11 a beautiful deep diagonal for Diop.

11-11 Yildirim takes advantage of a ball in the net.

11-10 shot Aydin.

10-10 Excellent first half of Mazzaro!

9-10 Aydin’s wall is on Diop, and Blue is struggling.

9-9 middle turkey is long.

8-9 escape service Squarcini.

8-8 plays D’Odorico of experience in the middle of the wall, parity!

7-8 again at excellent speed by Squarcini, already three points for her.

6-8 is also survived Diop’s attack.

6-7 Fatal error in Doduriko’s attack.

6-6 Super Fast from Squarcini.

5-6 Uzgenic scores from second place.

5-5 Seven of Squarcini, tie!

4-5 Perinelli passes through the wall, back to -1!

3-5 Turkish squad attack does not pass.

2-5 untenable parallel to Diop!

1-5 tube Aydin winner, immediately timeout for Italy.

1-4 fatigue at the reception of D’Odorico.

1-3 The Turkish Pelagiatris shall immediately put its power plants into operation.

1-2 beautiful deep diagonal of Perinelli, long exchange on the spot.

0-2 Diop takes a fortress.

0-1 immediately pushed lob from Aydin.

17:30 Let’s go!

17.28 This is the hexagram of Italy: Bosio, D’Odorico, Squarcini, Perinelli, Mazzaro, Diop.

17:26 It’s time for national anthems!

17.23 The squads have completed their official warm-up phase, and now we are!

17.20 Turkey instead won their group, while beating Tunisia in the quarter-finals (3-0) and in the semi-finals against Serbia (3-0)

17:17 Italy reached this date after finishing the group in second place, then beat Croatia in the quarter-finals (3-0) and Spain (3-0) in the semi-finals.

17:14 Moreover, it’s a real revenge, these two teams have already faced each other in the group stage and in this case it was Turkey that won (3-1).

17:11 Today will be a particularly important challenge, Turkey is in fact at the moment at the top of the overall medal table right in front of Italy, today it will be a real direct confrontation that could be decisive at the end of the Games.

17:08 The moment of truth has come: today gold is awarded in women’s volleyball. After getting the bronze that the boys got a few minutes ago, the girls will go looking for the big shot.

17.05 Good evening and welcome to the LIVE LIVE of Italy-Turkey, the match valid for the final of the women’s volleyball tournament at the 2022 Mediterranean Games.

OA Sport friends good evening and welcome Live broadcast from Italy and Turkey, a valid match for the women’s volleyball final at the 2022 Mediterranean Games. It is finally time for the gold medal to be awarded and it will be our national team who will play for it, which will take on the difficult Turkey in what is also a challenge to the final medal table: Turkey is actually at the moment in the lead, with Italy trying to get everything back, this is a real and direct confrontation .

Italy reached this date after finishing second in the group, then beating Croatia in the quarter-finals (3-0) and Spain (3-0) in the semi-finals. Instead, Turkey won their own group, while beating Tunisia in the quarter-finals (3-0) and in the semi-finals against Serbia (3-0). These two teams have already faced each other in this tournament, in the group stage it was Turkey who won with difficulty 3-1, hopefully the result tonight will be different. Both Italy and Turkey participated in the Nations League until yesterday, so the coaches had to make choices and many of the players we’ll see on the field today are not usually part of the starting line-up for the first national team, though. The level, however, is high and our national team will be able to focus on important names like Asmaa Bosio, D’Odorico, Squarcini, Mazzaro And the Diop.

OA Sport brings you Talia Turkey Live Stream, Match Valid Match for the 2022 Mediterranean Women Volleyball Championship Final, Real-time News, Minute by Minute, Point by Point, Action by Action, so you don’t really miss anything. , The match will start at 17:30!


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