The Brazilian Super Car You’ve Never Seen Before

Born at a time when only old Volkswagen cars – including many Beetles – were operating in Brazil, this car is a bold attempt to produce a domestic supercar. Here is his strange story.

It doesn’t happen every day In a story like this. To make the car on the cover so special, in addition to its very bold design vaguely reminiscent of the third generation Corvette, today’s car has a very special origin: the Brazilian auto industry is not really famous. Europe although there are many original brands that also have certain traditions behind them.

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Date white S., the special coupe that you can see in these photos, begins in the 1970s in a dark period for the Brazilian auto industry: in fact, a law at the time forbade the import of any car into Brazil if not at an astronomical price like to make the operation a luxury for the few. This action was to grow Domestic industry, in the intentions of the government. And indeed, something moved.

Among the small industries born in that period dedicated to the production of exotic four-wheeled projects, there is also a man’s industry Otorino “Tony” White. Best known for building the first monolithic Formula 3 race car in the South American country, it was owned by Bianco in 1970. free field To create his own automaker, with the help of this government action. Its most significant model will arrive after a few years.

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Bianco S arrived at the São Paulo Auto Show in 1976 and It immediately proved to be an interesting projectMade with ingenuity and passion. The car was a sports car with an attractive line and two doors, fairly easy to assemble: it is said that at the height of its production momentum, Bianco managed to assemble 20 cars a week in almost artisanal styles.

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Despite the sporty look that also winks a bit on the American Ford GT, the resemblance is probably desired by Tony himself, the S It’s not a particularly fast car: The car is equipped with a 1,600 cc engine derived from a Volkswagen Beetle capable of propelling it to a top speed of 146 kilometers per hour with acceleration from 0 to 100 that can be obtained in just under 20 seconds!

Most of the components under this chassis were taken directly from the VW Beetle, which is arguably the most popular car in Brazil at the time of the government’s import ban. Among them we find the transmission and gearbox. If anything, what makes S a small object is its rarity: Bianco closed its doors in 1979 It appears that by that date only 320 cars had been built. Ask the old Tony Bianco play 86 yearsAccording to his friends, he still works in a garage manufacturing homemade sports cars!

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