The first four competitors responsible?

The date with Dancing With The Stars will return in October, and in recent weeks rumors about the following competitors have been growing day by day. At the moment, it appears that there are four names of the next potential competitors that are very close to official status. That’s what it is.

Dancing with the stars Will be back on prime time Ray Ono Starting Saturday 8th October. This year’s episodes will be raised to eleven episodes instead of remaining in the traditional ten from previous versions, which means that the dance show he conducted Millie Carlucci It will continue until just before Christmas.

waiting for return Dancing with the stars However, there are many Common On the possible line-up of the contestants who will be on the dance floor from October 8th.

At the moment, the most adopted hypotheses will decline four names One of the most well-known and beloved personalities by the public.

Dancing with the Stars: Same management, same jury

21:30 & # 8211;  Dancing with the Stars: Are the first four contenders official?

Also for the next edition of Dancing with the starsWhich would be number seventeen Millie Carlucci You will continue to be the hostess at the helm of the show.

Besides him, as of the first release, there will be pee beautiful With his big band that will take care of the music that the competing pairs will dance to.

Even at the jury’s table they were all stressed. president Caroline SmithHe will be accompanied by the rest of the judges: Evan ZazaroniAnd the Fabio dogAnd the Wild Lucarelli And the Guillermo Mario.

‘People’s Representative’ is also in the upcoming season of the dance show, will be back on track russella was wrong.

First names of competitors

21:30 & # 8211;  Dancing with the Stars: Are the first four contenders official?

The rumors of the past few days are also talking about the first four names of the competitors which can be considered practically confirmed.

Eva Zanishi It is the only official name for the upcoming release of Dancing with the stars: She was the one who talked about it.

But in recent days, other names have made their way among the most reliable hypotheses: film, theater and television actress. Nancy you shinepresenter Marta fluffyIn the past, a fourth name appeared, the name of the actor Gabriel Jarco.

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