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22.35 A very balanced game, many actions by Italy and France are also always dangerous, there is a need for sarcasm in front of goal.

See you soon in the second half!

45′ the first half ended, Italy and France 0-0.

43 There should be no recovery.

41 Big descent for Komi, who nevertheless finds no companions in the penalty area.

39′ Italy proposes a lot of pressure in the midfield.

37 Raimondo’s shot that ends with Zadi’s hand.

35′ Misusa was stopped by Super Guarino.

33′ France which now lowers the center of gravity.

31 Raimundo loses control of the ball after a big stop.

29′ A great exit from Mastrantonio that avoids the French grid.

27′ Delaval with his head hitting the net.

25′ Raimundo tried the match but the defender across the Alps avoided the shot.

23 Very high shot for Bouanani.

21′ Italy is well placed on the field.

19 ′ high pressure in Italy.

17′ Italy are trying to find Raimondo with long balls.

15′ Italy tries to exploit the spaces on the counterattack.

13′ Acornero tries left, rejecting the French defense.

11 ′ France is gaining meters in the offensive phase.

9′ France is trying to raise the pace of the match.

7′ A violence left by D’Andrea who calls Zadie a miracle.

5′ Corner D’Andrea who finds no mates.

3′ the entire stadium supports Italy, whistles to France.

1, the game begins!

21.40 The National Anthem is in progress.

21.35 games will be very balanced, but France are the favorites to win the final, and a great match will be needed for the Azzurri.

21.30 Italy comes from a wonderful victory over Morocco.

21.25 – Match start is set at 21.45

21.20 here formations officers:

Italy: Mastrantonio, Missori, Regonesi, Dellavalle, Kumi, Accornero, Guarino, Amatucci, Ignacchiti, D’andrea, Raimondo.

France: Zadi, Louis Jean, Mercier, Powai Kayala, Berenguelle, Polombo Sombo, El Hanash, Bongmba, Bonani, Msoussa, Ikea Demi.

21.18 Good evening and welcome to the live broadcast of Italy and France, the gold medal final.

Good evening and welcome to the live transcript of Italian-French football, the 2022 Mediterranean Games, aiming to win the gold medal.

Azurini gracefully beat Morocco in the semi-finals with an extraordinary Raimondo, and now it’s time for the gold medal against France in the final. Italy already has four gold medals won in 1959, 1963, 1967 and 1997. We are aiming for a fifth signature in this tournament.

a necklace Italia under 18:

Goalkeepers: David Mastrantonio (Rome), Nicola Panolini (Bologna).
Defenders: Andrea Pozzolan (AC Milan), Lorenzo Delavalle (Juventus), Gabriel Guarino (Empoli), Gabriel Indragoli (Empoli), Filippo Missouri (Rome), Iacopo Regonesi (Atalanta);
Midfielders: Federico Accornero (Genoa), Lorenzo Amatucci (Fiorentina), Luis Hassa (Juventus), Lorenzo Ignacetti (Empoli), Justin Comey (Sassuolo), Andrea Balella (Genoa), Nicola Battani (Verona);
Forwards: Tommaso Mancini (Vicenza), Antonio Raimundo (Bologna), Luca d’Andrea (Sassuolo).

match: Italy and France under 18

Date: 04/07/2022

hours: 21.45

OA Sport brings you live broadcast of Italian-French Football, Mediterranean Games 2022 : Real-time news and constant updates. Departure time is 21:45. Good fun!

Photo: Coni.

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