The successful Opel Mokka-e SUV is today for everyone

Everyone can buy the Opel Mokka-e, the electric alternative to the successful SUV for the home, thanks to a special promotion created by Opel for its customers for the month of July 2022. A unique promotion thanks to incentives, allowing to pay only 149 euros per month.

The company offers very attractive discounts for some of its models throughout the month, and among these are the all-electric discounts of its successful compact SUV. It is located around One of the most popular cars by customers since its launch in the market.

How to buy Opel Mokka-e in July 2022: can’t be missed

Let’s start with the price list of the Opel Mokka-e, which in general amounts to 36,900 euros and which will be offered to new customers thanks to the July offer, which must be extended from today until the 31st. €29,448 Or at a price of 28,548 euros, but only financed by Opel Choice.

A new offer that Opel decided to offer to its new and old customers and also takes into account the state incentives that are still active, which provide 5000 euros discount with scraping For an old car of less than €5 denomination and in the name of the owner who will buy the new car or a member of his family who has lived together for at least 12 months from the time of purchase. On the official website of the house, it is also possible to run a financing simulation to get the much-needed Mokka-e SUV in your hands.

a Example Who made Opel itself? It is possible to initially pay an advance of €8469.91, then add a total of 35 installments of €149 per month and the famous final installment – guaranteed future value – equals €19,158.47. Doing two calculations, we find out that the total amount of credit is €21,003.09 and the total interest is €3,370.38, so the total amount owed by the customer is €24,521.47.

The successful Opel Mokka-e SUV

In the Opel Mokka range there are heat-sink engines running on gasoline and diesel and 100% electric engines Opel Mokka. Its 50 kWh battery is placed under the floor of the car, to take advantage of the driving dynamics, without affecting the space available for passengers and luggage.

The Opel Mokka E is proud independence 342 km, driving as described in the WLTP cycle, and its electric motor has 100 kW of maximum power, equivalent to 136 hp, and 260 Nm of torque. The immediate availability of torque makes driving an electric utility vehicle even more enjoyable. At the same time, the full suite of Ad hoc Autonomous Safety Systems (ADAS) is part of BAT.

Thanks to the great success of the SUV, Opel decided to demonstrate the brand’s new stylistic path starting with the Opel Mokka. The Opel Vizor, which we talked about a lot, shows clear and bold lines, and the new front replaces the traditional grille with a soft and dark element, inserted into a frame where LED headlights and a new logo are inserted.

also inside of Externally expressed stylistic concepts are addressed, Pure Panel provides purity and cleanliness of lines, leaving room for important information from time to time in that moment of the guide.

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