In the past two and a half years, the citizens of San Marino have had to witness helplessly the incredible collapse of the role of primary medicine in our lands and the deterioration of the health services with a continuing recovery of responsibility that is embarrassing to say the least. First, Secretary Siafata attempted to discredit the Chief of Primary Care, complete with agendas that define genuine mistrust, and then, for reasons of the chair, it was preferable to avoid sabotage and support the “Christian Democratic line”: let’s put dust under the rug and avoid confronting critical issues. Finally, last May 5th, the announcement arrived of the start of COT, the regional operations center, which is clearly struggling to take off. In fact, there are constant reports of delays even with the new switchboard, and it happens so often that many patients have to go straight to the emergency room for checkups, lab tests, etc. to try to skip any of them (for a long time) wait . We must immediately work to have a general practitioner with the relative nurse of increased individual services, in-house and related to the person’s relationship and personal knowledge. Quality service from those who know our community. As Libra, we have proposed working with a family doctor and nurse in health centers by investing a portion of external debt resources that we don’t know where exactly was spent. We have asked for agreements with neighboring universities to bring bachelor’s students closer in nursing or to speed up agreements between San Marino and Italy for recognition of professional years and for social security purposes for health professionals on the International Space Station. Yes, because today more than ever, there is a need for a reference point for the patient to relate directly to, reducing endless waiting times in switchboards. This project must be implemented immediately, with the involvement of all actors, chief among them the doctors, to find the most appropriate and stimulating economic modalities, and to stop keeping everything in place due to internal tensions within the International Space Station. A serious political administration would, but for two and a half years now Secretary Ciavatta’s inability and groaning has prevailed over the quality of service.

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