This car was found by chance in a barn where it was abandoned for 35 years, it is worth more than 2 million euros

It is not every day that you find a car of great value like this German supercar that was topping the line at the time. The car was found in a barn: imagine the owner’s surprise!

you have barn On your property that you haven’t checked in for a long time? what are you waiting for? Run to open it up to peek inside: Unbeknownst to you, it could contain a vehicle of immeasurable value. Ask the guys from The Gooding Company who, thanks to disease-bending curiosity, were able to recover a high-value sports car from the farm where it had been abandoned.

What will be behind this door? (pixel)

While searching a barn in the beautiful Swiss countryside, some car enthusiasts – perhaps after a suggestion from some locals – found a racing car famous in the United States for the sudden death of superstar James Dean: let’s talk about Porsche 550 Spyder With an average engine, only that has very specific characteristics that make it unique.

produced For four years only Until 1957, the 550 was a sports car of exceptional performance at the time, guaranteed by its 110-horsepower engine capable of propelling the car—which weighed only half a ton—at 220 kilometers per hour. At the time, the 550 Spyder was a very feared sports car. So how did it end up in that barn and above all, what is it worth today?

Memory loss is expensive

the car in question It’s a unique piece: It belongs to driver Joe Seaver, a legend of the 1950s who must have somehow forgotten it in that barn where the 1956 production car may have been parked for mechanical interventions. In fact, around 1960 the car had received modifications – part of the Stuttgart brand’s RS60 series – perhaps to remain competitive against the new race cars.

Porsche 550 Cilodrome 02_07_2022 Quattromania
The vehicle photographed at the time of its discovery (Silodrome)

Modifications applied to the vehicle and it being passed last 35 years Parked in a barn without suffering severe structural damage makes this sport special. Add to the fact that less than a hundred such Porsche cars have been built in history, and the 550 Spyder is known to be the holy grail of its enthusiasts.

All this contributes to the cost of it About 2 million dollars Even if experts do not rule out the possibility of selling it with one number so it’s higher. And you? Have you ever discovered an abandoned car in a remote and hidden place? Who knows how many are hiding there.

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