Those who work in the hospital have no doubt: “The positives are in the hospital for other reasons, and almost all are asymptomatic”

By Sarina Biraghi – With 86,334 infected yesterday, Italians infected with the Covid virus approached one million, the positivity rate has tripled in a month while according to the weekly report of the Higher Institute of Health, the infection rate increased by 9.5% and the infection rate The mortality rate of unvaccinated people is 7 times higher than people who They took a booster dose of the vaccine. Even if treatment in intensive care is up by 2.6% and in regular wards by 10% there is no real alarm of the pandemic. In fact, many come to the hospital with other diseases and above all a large number of positives without symptoms.

As explained by the National Head of Health Emergency Service and Medical Emergency 118, Mario Balzanelli“In emergency rooms, there are many people who have the virus and are completely asymptomatic. They are the people who come to accompany minors or the elderly, or to make medicines, and they must take the swab as expected for anyone who arrives at the emergency room.” He adds that it is a phenomenon observed “a few weeks ago” for which “unitary data are not yet available”, but it can be Considered an “extremely high viral turnover” indicator.

Evelina TaconelliDirector of the Complex Operations Unit for Infectious Diseases at the Integrated University Hospital Verona, clearly states: “Re-infections and hospitalizations are increasing, and today the ward is full of existing patients, But in fact, we don’t treat them for covid This is a big difference. If they are not positive, they will be in other departments like geriatricsMany of them are elderly people with dehydration or Alzheimer’s problems. And so that the infection does not spread among other patients, we keep them here.” In short, “we are talking about a disease today that has no effect on the hospital system and on a healthy population” and more than a wave of cases, according to Taconelli It is a wave of positive shocks, which is at the level of the first and second waves. But other than then it has no effect on deaths.” And if the regional councilor of the city of Veneto, Manuela Lanzarin, he says that they are working to be ready to activate health assistance services already at the end of the summer, meanwhile, the hospital company of Padova reported that 83% of patients hospitalized for other diseases also have Covid in asymptomatic form in city hospitals, ie – it is called “Covid by chance”. Thus, there is also great difficulty in discharging hospitalized elderly people who have passed the acute phase because there is a lack of space for RSA.

In an area like Sicily, already crowded with tourists, even for a health advisor, Rogero Raza “The virus is spreading widely, but the respiratory diseases related to Covid are less serious.” In fact, more than half of the 774 patients currently in the medical field have been hospitalized Causes other than covid The positive was discovered only after the swab was taken in the hospital. That is why the technical schedule that has been prepared in the coming days a race A new model that envisions ‘bubbles’ (as has already been done at Bolognese, Saint Ursula and Maggiore Polyclinic hospitals) will be launched in all hospital departments, with isolation rooms for asymptomatic positives or with few hospitalizations for other diseases. Additional confirmation comes from the Italian Society of Resuscitation (Siaarti) led by the Sicilian Antonello Garatano: 8 out of 10 hospitalizations in intensive care for COVID-19 are associated with other illnesses.
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