Three out of five Italians: here are the Young Ambassadors for Reproductive Medicine

Attending the 38th European Congress of the Society for Human Reproduction and Assisted Reproduction 2022 returns after two years and is a victory for Italy. Not only for the chosen location – Milan – but for the scientific contribution. The editorial reading – dedicated to the most-read article in Eshre the previous year – is Italian and dedicated to sperm quality in men who have recovered from severe Covid disease. The largest assisted reproductive centers are Italian (and Spanish) (GeneraLife is in Italy, Ivi and Eugin are Spanish and they also have offices in Italy).

Who are the young ambassadors?

Three of Escher’s five Young Ambassadors are Italians, young people under the age of 35, and they were helped by the European Congress that brings together in Milan more than 7,000 reproductive workers from all over the world – in fact the only global conference dedicated to assisted reproduction. – The role of the delegates of the “Explorators” of the developments presented in Milan: Attilio Anastasi, Irene Gazo and Tulia Pena (with German Rebecca Eininkel And Hindi Pratik Makwana).

Attilio, from Wiesbaden to Ferrara

Three young men who trained in Italy and Europe in various fields, Ishiri decided to reward this year by focusing on interdisciplinarity. Attilio Anastasi, 34, from Caserta, is the oldest of the three, 34 years old. “I joined Esre 5 at the right time – he admits laughing – and I’m so happy.” Married, two lilies were born in 2020, one in January and the other in December, a golden retriever considered the first daughter, Atilio graduated in embryology at the second University of Naples, majoring in Teramo, then in Sant’Anna in Rome and finally five years in Germany, in Wiesbaden. Finally he returned to Italy in Bologna, then won the competition in Ferrara where he works in the Center for Physiological Pathology of Human Reproduction at Delta Hospital – AUSL in Ferrara with the role of Laboratory Supervisor and Head of Preimplantation Genetic Diagnostics.

General reference center for pre-implantation analyses

“Our center – he says – is one of the very few public centers to offer a full preimplantation genetic diagnosis service (PGT-M, PGT-SR, PGT-A) and is increasingly establishing itself as a point of reference in particular, PGT testing -A is a test used to determine aneuploidy, as is the case for villus and amniocentesis, and is therefore indicated in cases of advanced maternal age, let’s say over 38 years old.”

It does not increase the rate of pregnancy, but rather the speed with which it is achieved

The average age of patients in our center is 39.5 years, and we have several of them 44 years old. It is a test that we insistently suggest over the age of 40, it does not increase the pregnancy rate but certainly reduces the time of conception because it allows us to identify and transfer only a healthy fetus. Avoid failure and give up. Some women refuse the examination, which is an invasive procedure because it is a biopsy of fetal cells, but the risk is very low in the hands of experts.”

Irene, who is loved by Genoa

Irene Gazo, 29, nailed in Genoa where she graduated in medicine, in contact with an assisted reproductive scientist who works in fertility medicine, to preserve fertility in patients with cancer, lupus or multiple sclerosis. For three months, and for six months, he worked at the Center for Reproductive Medicine at the University Hospital of San Martino in his city. “It’s great to be in the delivery room – he identifies – but taking care of Pma is my dream.” This year is his first ten. “I got off to a great start – she admits – I almost couldn’t believe I had been selected for the Eshre 5 ambassadors. Next year in Copenhagen they are giving all the young ambassadors the opportunity to participate for free, so see you in Denmark in 2023.”

And Tulia, from Turin to Paris and back

She is 31, and a black cat named Killer, Tullia Penna of Turin, has graduated from Philodophy of law. “It’s my third purchase and every time I ask myself ‘What am I doing here?’ “And the answer is that Ishri is a forward looking philosopher who also studied medicine and wrote a book on PMA and gamete donation and pregnancy for others has an important place here: a place where we talk about bioethics, the anonymity of gamete donation, and the problems posed by the authority of Palestinian criticism does not solve this legislation.” Tulia Pena graduated in Turin, at the university’s Fernando Rossi High School, and then two years later in France. Here in Milan, with other young ambassadors, he is constantly tweeting about polls, studies and comments. But also with advice for other members of Congress. And yesterday Anastasi tweeted the recipe for real Negroni, with the bar where you can taste it: a barrage of likes, from foreign delegates.

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