“Tonino was fine until the night before, and then we found him lying in bed” – Corriere.it

From Renato Franco

Bassist Remembers Tonino Cripisi: Meeting 1963 in Milan, After the Pandemic We Were Singing Rebirth

“We went back to the hotel and he was fine, we said we would meet again the next morning and instead found him lying in his bed. He died in his sleep.” Livio Macchia – bassist for the chameleon, has been in the group since its inception in 1963 – amazing, the night before Onstage together and then “The friend, brother, I’ve had for sixty years is gone. We were doing a Down’s concert in Pescara, it was a nice evening, very nice. And then… Now I feel bad, we’ve spent almost sixty years living together “.

When did you guys meet?
“We first met in Santa Tecla, the club in Milan; We played there in two shifts, afternoon and evening. And in Santa Tecla, Tonino also played with his group, the Trappers, which also included Mario Lavezzi (who later joined Camaleonti) and Mimmo Seccia.”

What surprised you about the Tonino Cripezzi?
“We immediately liked his way of singing, we were amazed by his special voice, that vibration that amazed everyone. We convinced him to join us and we kept him. From there our musical adventure began.”

“Vibrations” were his musical symbol, but what is his human character?
“He was an introverted person, and he wasn’t immediately expansive, but people loved him so much, they immediately recognized his kind, and that’s why he stayed in everyone’s heart.”

Sixty years together, from the darkest clubs to the brightest stars. How would you summarize your experience?
“In 60 years we have been through a lot of hardships, we have gone through sadness, pain, joys and moments of great happiness. We found ourselves in the right time, in the right place, at the right time, with the right songs, with the tracks that stayed in history: I am hers, the hour of love, the eternitySongs that are in people’s hearts.

Is there an evening or moment that you remember most?
“Now I can’t choose, the pain is so strong. All the evenings, all the concerts we did together were beautiful, we had great times together. When we go up on stage people always sing with us, even in America, in Canada, everywhere ».

Never any quarrel?
“Every now and then we argued, we argued, as it happens between husband and wife. Only the issues between us were musical. But in the end it was all nonsense, everything was resolved ».

“We were happy, we just resumed concerts after the covid pandemic, it was a moment of rebirth.”

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