Turkey, opposition HDP goes to Congress despite thousands of arrests and risk of ban

The ongoing conference in Ankara could be the last conference of Peoples Democratic Party (Hadab), because after the imprisonment of leaders and gunmen, the main body of the opposition to the government of the president Recep Tayyip Erdogan resolution Constitutional Court which could soon decide its final ban. The issue was also relaunched by the recent memorandum of understanding between the Turkish government and the governments of Finland and Sweden, in which Ankara agreed to lift its veto on the Nordic countries’ acceptance of the treaty.Atlantic alianaزا In light of their commitment to provide i Kurdish fighters hosted on their territory. A solution blessed by the Secretary General of NATO, Jens Stoltenbergmediator in the agreement. We have always denounced the fascist Erdogan regime, which the Prime Minister will visit in the coming days Mario Draghi. It is not in our name that Italy and the European Union continue to play their part in collusion with the Turkish regime,” this was announced today by the Secretary of the Re-establishment of Communism Maurizio Akerbois among the few Italians present today at the HDP conference.

We have an agreement to enter Sweden and Finland. The signed memorandum responds to Turkey’s concerns about counter-terrorism and arms exports. Stoltenberg said at a press conference after the NATO summit in MadridWhich witnessed on the sidelines of the summit a summit between Turkey, Sweden and Finland. To convince Erdogan, who has so far opposed the two countries’ entry into NATO, the availability Helsinki And the Stockholm To hand over the Kurdish fighters who are on their lands, according to Ankara, and all of them are affiliated with Kurdistan workers’ party (PKK) thus terrorists. The decision, which sparked international outrage for those who recognize the Kurds as the main victim of the Turkish regime, is on the agenda of the HDP congress, forming The pro-Kurdish leftHome of socialist and LGBTQ rights movements, environmental and feminist groups.

“Erdogan can be defeated again as in previous years,” he told the newspaper. poster HDP representative in Europe, Fayez Yajizay. Yagizai explains in the interview: “We do not believe that Sweden and Finland will hand over Turkish dissidents, writers and intellectuals to Turkey,” noting that Stockholm and Helsinki said that extradition decisions remain in the hands of the judiciary. “Erdogan believes that every country acts like Turkey, where he decides and the courts obey,” he added. However, he reiterated that the note”Still a shameAn insult to us and a gift to Erdogan. Even more dangerous is the criminalization of the Kurdish movement and every movement that struggles democratically for freedom.” Speaking of freedom, his party gathered in the Ankara building to attend the national conference, sees 4,000 fighters imprisonedincluding 40 deputies and even co-chairs Salahuddin Demirtas And the Vision Yuksekdag.

They say, “But despite the arrests, there is no resignation.” Maurizio Akerbo And the Anna Camposampero Repondazione, who is today in the Turkish capital to support Erdogan’s opposition. “Many of the comrades we met in February 2020 at the previous conference are not present today because in the meantime they are imprisoned Laila JoffinThey say the rally has re-launched “the request for the release of political prisoners and an immediate end to segregation in Imrali Prison on President Island”. Abdullah AujlanAnd they wrote in a note: “The HDP is the voice of coexistence between peoples and religions, women’s liberation, and rights, and it is the opposite of Erdogan’s reactionary and nationalist Islam that has been used for years by serial jihadists to kill the Kurdish people, in Turkey as in Syria.” These women and men are from NATO countries, including Italy, Betrayal continues And stabbed him in the back.” And again: “Reaffirming, as they did at the last summit, that Ocalan’s PKK is a terrorist organization means legitimizing Erdogan’s repression and his criminal bombings against Kurdish autonomy in Syria and Iraq.”

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