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Simple trick to read WhatsApp messages without opening the app. Let’s find out what procedure to follow.

Are you ready to amaze you with a new trick to learn to use WhatsApp in a different and advanced way?

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The most used messaging app by Italians is The WhatsApp. Connection is fast, sharing requires a few clicks and the hidden features in the app are numerous. You can listen to voice messages twice as fast, you can spy on your partner, and you can find out who you are talking to the most, these are just three of the many possibilities of a user using the app. with every update discover tricks The methods of use are different from the traditional. For example, did you know that it is possible Read messages that arrive in the chat Without having to open the app? This trick can be a must when you need one fast reading Or you are not in a position to pick up your phone and tap on the WhatsApp icon. Let’s see, then, how to implement it.

WhatsApp, how fast can you read messages

the number of Messages arrive in chat All day high. Business contacts, jokes with friends, appointments, photos and documents, exchange of information on the application is continuous but it is not always possible to immediately read the chat. They can get lost like this important messages which will later be buried in an avalanche of subsequent letters.

Therefore, we often need to know the content but without opening the app. Well, this desire is achievable. The trick initially requires you to open the app to enter the chat that is relevant – the one you don’t want to miss a single message about – and tap On the three dots in the top right. In the menu that opens, just click “Add Link” to create Connection at home From your smartphone it can be easily identified by the chat icon. Thus, communication with the person or group will be faster and more direct without going through WhatsApp.

Who can use makeup?

The procedure can be followed by both owners of the device Android by owners a iOS device. However, the trick is not suitable for the web version of WhatsApp or the desktop version. You can try this unknown function right away to continue new acquaintances. Did you know, for example, that you can enter a file music in the state? There is no real library from which to choose your favorite song but there is a simple trick. Just play the music on an app that enables playback through the speaker and case record Press the headband after making sure that the volume has reached the maximum.

In conclusion, WhatsApp is a world to be explored for new useful and simplified features every time.

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