WhatsApp’s new “Incognito” function is coming: what it is and how it works

There is a new functionality that WhatsApp programmers are working on, which will allow 2 billion users of the same application to “hide”.

WhatsApp, 4/7/2022 – Computermagazine.it

As always, people find it in WABetaInfo, according to which the new functionality should allow users to Hide your online status from other people who use the program. All this is confirmed by a screenshot showing the new privacy options introduced and shared on the network in the past few hours. In short, Mark Zuckerberg’s messaging app, the most used in the world, has decided to add the ability to choose users to settings Who can see them when they are online.

WhatsApp, 4/7/2022 - Computermagazine.it
WhatsApp, 4/7/2022 – Computermagazine.it


The first test in this sense, based on what insiders gathered, could have taken place during April, and then in May 2022 an update to the popular messaging app was released which included a new option called “My contacts except”. Through this setting you can precisely Choose to exclude Some of the contacts are from your list, allowing some to check their status and some not. This is a function that can be cunningly used for example by children to prevent mom and dad from seeing that they are online when they should be studying or sleeping, but also on other more or less “legitimate” occasions.

According to a Technoandroid report: “The problem with the WhatsApp Last Received status was that it gave contacts a way to see if you saw their message even if the read receipts weren’t working properly on your end. This was a problem because it offered contacts an automated way to determine if you had I saw their message.” As always, when it comes to the news that WABetaInfo reveals, there are a lot complicated to determine the exact release day From the same update and therefore we just have to wait with confidence to see if in the coming weeks we will be able to see this interesting new functionality in action.

🔴 Source: Technoandroid.it

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