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Whenever news appears, Sony’s desire to expand more and more in the market appears computercontroversy over the usefulness PS5 Whether its exclusive games will also be available on another platform and in many cases it will work better. In short, launch games Play Station On PC will make PS5 unnecessary?

PS5 won’t be affected by the release of exclusives even on PC

The answer is actually quite simple: No. As the release of Xbox games on PC didn’t render the Xbox One useless before and the Xbox series now, with the latter also recording excellent sales (just to refute the apocalyptic). Those who make certain statements do not consider the fact that the PC and the console express two completely different ways of playing and are still worlds in some respects. Hardly a pure console player, who finds it convenient and enjoyable to have his devices connected to the TV and be able to start games with as little fuss as possible, will give up his way of playing just because some games are also located elsewhere.

After all, the most played titles are definitely not exclusive, but several FIFA, COD, Fortnite, Genshin Impact, etc., which are all found on both consoles and PC and that haven’t moved the market an inch. In fact, the best-selling versions often remain the console versions.

Those who choose a particular device do so for a number of different reasons, which often have nothing to do with video games (convenience mentioned above, presence in certain communities, continuity in relation to previous choice, brand sympathy, price, desire to have the same console as direct friends varied and possible). After all, we are talking about machines that now see quite a few exclusives released annually, and certainly can no longer occupy the full game time of the most active users. So it’s also natural to make broader, more personal assessments before choosing, which goes beyond the “yes exclusive, no exclusive” that Warriors so much like, but is less and less weighty in terms of units sold.

A computer is also a rather harsh environment. Not like in the past, when you run Ultima, you’ve spent hours modifying the operating system’s configuration files, to free up as much memory as possible, but it’s on average more complicated and more problematic than any console. This isn’t a problem for PC gamers, but it could be for those who would find it difficult to unscrew even four screws to mount the SSD inside the PS5.

So the fear that releasing PlayStation games on PC seems really unfounded. There will likely be a few units going from one side to the other, but we don’t think it goes any further than that.

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