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Data for Tuesday, July 5. After the threshold of 100,000 infections in 24 hours, it did not occur for five months. The positivity rate increased to 28.5% with 464,732 smears. Admission: +355. Intensive care: +20

I 132,274 new cases of COVID-19 infection In Italy (yesterday there were 36,282, here is the post). At least that rises 18,938,771 The number of people infected with SARS-CoV-2 (including recovery and death) since the outbreak began. The death today I 94 (Yesterday 59), for a total 168,698 victims From February 2020.

People recovered or discharged they totally 17,682.801 And the 64828 Those that became negative in the last 24 hours (yesterday 27,590). The positive current People infected with the virus are in everything 1,087,272Equal +68.093 Compared to yesterday (+9.236 the day before).

Scans and scenario

The Total smears (molecular and antigenic) treatment 464,732, or 334,824 more than yesterday when it was 129,908. The 28.5% positivity rate (about 28.46%); Yesterday it was 27.9%.

The trend of the curve is still rising, exceeding 100,000 infections in 24 hours (weekly peak should occur tomorrow). To see a similar number, i.e. more than 100 thousand, you have to go back five months, to be exact February 8 or February 1 (over 133 thousand), when the curve was downward.

According to Health Ministry Undersecretary Pierpaolo CeleriThis pandemic wave will start to come down in two weeks. There will be in the middle of July, then cases will start to drop . said Sileri, a guest on the famous plateau the whole on La7. Limitation: At the moment there are no plans for a new era. We look forward to the possibility of a vaccine update in the fall and look forward to the end of this wave. while the Health Minister Roberto Speranza Fall announced a life extension for the fourth dose (now expected for the frail and elderly), speaking today at the Fiaso conference.

Lombardy has the highest number of new infections: the region records +19,037 cases. It follows Campania +18663 cases, Lazio +13555 cases, Veneto +12206 cases and Puglia +11642 cases.

In France, the case is the most serious with infections that continue to increase: here today more than 200 thousand cases were registered within 24 hours.

health system

Hospitalization in every region is increasing. occupied family In regular Covid suites I +355 (yesterday +436) in total 8.003 in hospital. occupied family intensive care I +20 (Yesterday +12) – This is the balance between people entering and leaving in one day – in total 323 seriously ill With 53 resuscitation cases accepted (yesterday 27).

Region cases by region

The data below, broken down by region, relates to the number of new cases recorded in the last 24 hours. Below is a table of the total data provided by the Ministry of Health.

Lombardy: +19,037 cases (yesterday +3,249)
veneto: +12,206 cases (yesterday +1,998)
Campania: +18663 cases (yesterday +4,837)
Lazio: +13,555 cases (yesterday +4,777)
Emilia Romagna: +5,493 cases (yesterday +4,070)
Sicily: +9,993 cases (yesterday +3,140)
Piedmont: +7,449 cases (yesterday +1.903)
Apulia: +11.642 cases (yesterday +3.649)
Tuscany: +7.930 cases (yesterday +1.208)
marquis: +3,686 cases (yesterday +1.017)
Liguria: +3,234 cases (yesterday +688)
Abruzzo: +3,590 cases (yesterday +1.015)
Calabria: +3,537 cases (yesterday +1.456)
Friuli Venezia Giulia: +2607 cases (yesterday +484)
Sardinia: +3.784 cases (yesterday +933)
Umbria: +2,024 cases (yesterday +619)
Pa Bolzano: +1,039 cases (yesterday +256)
Ba Trento: +840 cases (yesterday +213)
Basilicata: +1.365 cases (yesterday +496)
Molise: +420 cases (yesterday +258)
Daosta Valley: +180 cases (yesterday +16)

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