Abandoned brand, could be the end of the console – Nerd4.life

A few days ago it appeared that a file Brand name Intellivision friend It was abandoned, which means that the troubled consul can stay permanently deadalthough there is no official status yet.

The information goes back to the second half of June, but nothing has moved since then, so we imagine it’s only a matter of time before announcing the project’s abandonment, save for some twists and turns.

As indicated in the tweet, the trademark has been abandoned due to lack of use. After registering one, you are entitled to use it commercially. But you need to do it within a certain time, otherwise you have to fill out a declaration of use or apply for more time to extend the trademark.

As we have indicated, this is unlikely to be an oversight, because the law firm that took care of the registration is well known and will not make such a mistake and the cost of extending the registration is negligible.

The only conclusion is that Intellivision asked the lawyers not to extend the trademark, because they no longer intend to use it. So the console is practically disabled.

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