AC Milan, Seych and Di Kittelari: Negotiations for a double whammy

The Moroccan attacking midfielder was drawn to the prospect of his relaunch in the Rossoneri, as Belgium’s Maldini is ready to invest to beat the English competition: bringing them both to the Pioli Stadium is not impossible.

Alessandra Giuseni – Carlo Laudesa

Giroud, who since yesterday in Milan documented all the passions of the Rossoneri on social media: most recently the story of his embrace by Pioli. Origi, who as soon as he set foot in the sports center confirmed that he feels at home, then Ibra who remains the backbone and who will sign the new Milan contract next week. The attack is a potential target machine but to turn it on, a switch is needed to activate the mechanism. Milan is looking for men who know how to ignite the spark between the trocar and the right wing: Ziyech and De Ketelaere will ensure that the department lights up, and with them the Rossoneri market will shine.

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