Adriana Volpi excluded? reaction…

If the opinion in the studio in the sixth edition of Big Brother Vip was entrusted to Adriana Volpe and Sonia Bruganelli, for GF Vip 7, only the second was reconfirmed in this role. Orita Berti will be with her starting in September. Meanwhile, Adriana sends Volpe in search of a reality show.

For the sixth edition of Older brother Vibe Alfonso Signorini He had chosen the commentators Adriana Volpi And the Sonya broganelli.

For the Seventh Edition, it was only a return to this role Sonya broganelliwho will join Orita Bertie.

Adriana Volpiwhich was also in the past competitor subordinate GF Vip During the fourth edition, she was eliminated from the commentator role once on the sixth season of the reality show Channel fiveAnd only after a few weeks he decided to break the silence with one drilling fired by him Stories Instagram.

Adriana Volpi: The web defends her

Adriana Volpi Sonia Bruganelli

According to many fans Big Brother VIPjust confirmed Sonia Bruganelli It would actually be a real disqualification of Adriana Volpi from the reality show.

Don’t be underestimated by many viewersOn social networks, there have been many people who can use defenses From a former columnist, former competitor of Gf VIP.

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To report this “insurrection” the web on the alleged exclusion of Adriana Volpi From the opinion of the studio of the reality show was the Gossip and TV portal, which I talked about in an article.

Adriana Volpe’s little pits

Adrianavulpi 3

Adriana Volpi He has never publicly commented on this choice of the show, although no reconfirmation has been known for several weeks.

However, only in the past few hours has a dig started from her Instagram stories: In fact, the former commentator Gossip and TV retweeted the article that talked about the web users who defended it, adding a brief comment: “Thank you for the affection you always show me“.

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