“After general anesthesia, I understood how the universe works. This is what I saw”: The mystical experience of a psychiatrist becomes a case study

“I feel amazed and wonderful. I understand that these are the cycles of creation and destruction. This consciousness arises completely, it is completely compelling.” Reading these words, one immediately gets the impression that they relate to a religious text, with a noticeable mystical and transcendental connotation. Rather, it is an excerpt from an article in psychiatry in which a doctorUniversity of WarwickUnited Kingdom, to investigate the so-called from a scientific point of view “esoteric experiences”reconstructing and analyzing one’s own condition”comprehensive understanding” On the mechanics of the universe, proven Exit from general anaesthesia. Professor Swaran Singh describes the strange phenomenon in detail in the “Journal of Neurological and Mental Illness”, how he came to “understand the universe, not in the epistemological sense of knowledge but in an empirical way that is difficult to express”.

The event took place nearly 40 years ago, on April 4, 1984, During the recovery period after surgery the professor Following a serious traffic accident. “I underwent major surgery under general anesthesia on April 4, 1984 – says Singh in his article – during the postoperative recovery period, I experienced a state of deep peace, A sense of revelation and deep understanding.” Specifically, the professor described what he experienced as: “A background of white luminosity, I am on a scale, even if I experience an indescribable ‘scale’ rather than seeing a physical scale. I see myself not as an embodied subject, but as an object, similar to the way I Self-aware often in dream states. I recognize my essence, not my physical body. Upward movement is not an experience of bodily movement, but rather an experience of progression. I met two friends, one of whom I’m talking to, asking what he was doing. He says “it’s not yet time” and we intersect. I passed my parents and two brothers and gradually came to the realization that there was a bright, inviting white light at the top of the “ladder”. Light has an indefinable ethereal and personal quality. I feel the light as a sacred being and I feel great peace and calm when I get close. When I get close to the light, I imagine a huge explosion With a large-scale dispersion of the “material”. A series of eruptions and collapses follow each other. I feel amazing and wonderful. I understand that these are cycles of creation and destruction. This awareness arises fully, and it is completely convincing. It has a noetic qualityDirect and immediate comprehension of knowledge and understanding. I totally know it, in a way I’ve never known before. I don’t know how I know, but I know I know. I also know right away that each explosion creates five entities: space, time, energy, matter, and life, in three groups. Matter and energy are interchangeable, time and space are interchangeable Life is a distinct and independent entity that arises after the appearance of the first four. I know that the sum total of the combination of time and space, the composition of matter and energy and the sum of all life forces are constant. Matter and energy can be transformed into each other, as can space and time, but the size of each group is a constant quantity.”

And again: “Life changes from one form to another, but the total amount of life force remains constant and constant. The increase of one form is at the expense of another, and in the case of life, one form of life appears at the expense of another which disappears. I have come to all these conclusions, Or rather, these conclusions come to me, without any cognitive effort on my part. This revelation bears the weight of absolute truth. I’m aware of its deep meaning, but I don’t know how and why. I don’t hesitate to accept it as real. In fact, I know it is true.” According to Singh, the strange incident lasted from 10 to 12 minutes. After he recovered, the scientist tried to analyze what happened by means of science. According to him: “There must be a neurological basis for these phenomenaSpecifically, in his article, he mentioned how neurosurgeons have already identified the brain systems involved in “transcendental” experiments, electrophysiology and neuroimaging studies of the people involved. Rituals and forms of meditation led to the discovery of Neurological and brain functions related to meditative states.

Meditation studies have consistently shown activation of certain areas of the brain including the anterior cingulate cortex, dorsal cingulate cortex, and anterior parietal cortex. Similar neurological processes have also been reported in the relationship poor brain function Produced by hallucinogens such as Psilocybin, with the default mode network (a network of areas in our brain), particularly in the angular gyrus region of the inferior parietal lobe, in particular. For Singh, based on his personal experience, there could have been exactly this kind of changes in brain activity Most likely caused by a “drug-induced/toxic state of confusion”. Having said that, the professor does not believe that a scientific explanation can reduce the epistemological and possibly religious validity of the experiment. “Brain states are mechanisms. He writes. “And subjective meaning cannot be reduced to a brain state, no matter how strong the statistical correlation between the two.” Ultimately, far from a physical or even anthropological explanation for these events, for Singh one cannot lay doubt aside, The conflict that arises between the possibilities of empirical knowledge of neural mechanisms and what influences them, and the space of self-awareness, which is inaccessible at least for the time being through a rigorous experimental method. After outlining this seemingly basic conflict, leaving the field open, Singh concluded: “I can’t know the truth I experienced: whether it was lucid dreams, caused by drugs or something else.”

Article by Gianmarco Bondrano Altavilla

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