Allevi and the fight against myeloma, the latest message entrusted to social media: ‘Physical pain is sometimes unbearable’

“But… the soul is there? In my opinion yes! If it is present, I can separate it from the body and from the sometimes unbearable physical pain. I can help the body heal, adding to the treatment magical energy that comes from the soul and from your love! ». It is the new message entrusted to social networks, accompanied by a photo with a serious and tired face, that shows how difficult a period Giovanni Allevi is going through.

The 53-year-old pianist and composer returns from Marches to talk to his followers about the myeloma he recently discovered and is fighting against. On St. John’s Day, June 24, Alevi “with a heart overflowing with gratitude” thanked him for the support and love that everyone gave him: “The battle that brought me to the deepest core of human weakness has begun. With you I will win it! I love you!”.
A few days ago he confirmed that he would back down but “just to run…never give up!”. Many manifestations of affection for the musician. Perhaps most touching is the case of Fedez, who in turn recently underwent surgery to treat a rare endocrine tumor: “Giovanni, even if we don’t know each other, I wish you good luck on this difficult journey, hoping that everything will be possible to resolve it. In the best way. I hope this big virtual hug reaches you and helps you distract yourself a bit.”

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