Amazon Luna joins Samsung Gaming Hub, along with other streaming services –

The Samsung game center It aims to truly become a standard for running gamewith the following entry also for Amazon Mon Among the various services contained in the official application of the Korean company, which is currently associated with the 2022 TV models but may be an extension.

As we’ve seen, the Samsung Gaming Hub is available from the end of June and already has Xbox Cloud with Nvidia GeForce Now, Google Stadia, and Utomik, to which Amazon Luna will also be added, providing a slew of different services with a truly gigantic catalog.

Amazon Luna on Samsung Gaming Hub

The app is currently available on Samsung TVs from the 2022 series and on Samsung smart screenssuch as those belonging to the M8 series.

Amazon Luna is the video game streaming service from Amazon, which was recently launched in its final form in the USA. There is still no detailed information on the arrival of the service in other countries, so this addition in the Gaming Hub from Samsung should not be of interest to Italy until the service is also available in our country.

Anyway, it shows how Samsung really intends to propose an all-encompassing hub, which allows you to access as many streaming services as possible from a single access point. it is clear that Subscriptions Individuals should, when necessary, subscribe in any case in order to access the relevant catalog of games, but this is still a great convenience, considering that in order to access it is only required to start the application from the TV or screen.

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