ATM withdrawals will not be possible: this is the time

We are all “forced” to resort to money, in practically any economic and social condition: money “moves” the world, for better or worse, and is also the main motive that drives us to act and “engage”. Since this is something everyone shares, ideally and conceptually it does not seem to change over time, but in fact it is quite the opposite: money is in fact adapted in terms of form and value to contexts, and it is also widely spread methodologies like Bancomat highlight This tendency to change. Almost all payments and operations that can be made through a payment card are defined in a general way with this term, and if it represented cutting-edge technology until not so long ago, today it is “on the test”.

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One of the most widespread operations associated with ATMs is actually the withdrawal of cash, which in almost all cases represents the main process, in which the consultation of one’s assets is increasingly carried out independently, through a smartphone and not through an ATM. . For this reason, but also and above all for the increasingly stringent restrictions applied to the use of cash, ATMs in Italy are gradually disappearing, albeit very gradually: they represent a fact that is still very important but no longer so necessary. For banks, which are now forced to “get accounts in their pockets”, also in view of the new credit institutions that operate exclusively online and can offer very low or even zero costs.

ATM withdrawals will not be possible: this is the time

Some banks such as those of the ING Group have already chosen, starting last year, to devote themselves exclusively to remote services, thus ordering the disposal of their ATMs, a process that has already started some time ago. Even if other banks will gradually participate in this trend, it will be necessary to wait at least a decade to see ATMs “disappear” from the national territory.

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