Barbara Dorso upset with mourning: “We’re not over it…”

A year ago, the famous Italian TV storyteller, Raffaella Cara, passed away after a long-hidden illness. This is how Barbara Dorso remembers the artist…

Today is exactly one year after his death Raffaella CaraShe died of a disease she had been hiding for a long time. To remember the announcer’s disappearance was also Barbara DorsoWho wrote a nice idea on Twitter.

Barbara Dorso and Painful Memory

Barbara Dorso He made no secret of his love for him Raffaella CaraItalian singer, dancer, actress, television host, radio station, activist, showgirl and author.

The woman died last year at the age of 78 5 July 2021 Because of lung cancer, a disease Kara never wanted to reveal.

Today marks the anniversary of his death and to commemorate a wonderful memory Artist who was also a host Five in the afternoon He wanted to transform an idea:

Eternal and immortal..but a year passed and we did not pass it…

Barbara D’Urso and the association with Carrà

Barbara Dorso Always express a deep admiration for Raffaella Cara. Upon the news of his death, the presenter wrote:

It is impossible to believe that you are no longer there. No one knew about her illness, she did not want to grieve those who always loved her … I was overwhelmed by her energy …

Then D’Urso added:

How much I learned with Karamba What a surprise… Interviews are just a humble little rib of Karamba, what a surprise!

This last statement did a lot discussas many have read in it is an attempt by the presenter of Aflam Five to compare itself to her Raffaella Cara. In particular to criticize what he came up with Barbara Dorso I’ve been subjected to severe criticism before Wild Lucarelli:

How embarrassing. how many.

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