Calciomercato Lazio, Romagnoli Not Yet White Smoke: Situation

The defender has yet to say yes to Lazio: he has asked for at least 3 million on the fixed base and simple bonuses. New contacts in the next few hours

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Alessio Romagnoli, please slowly, cautiously, for negotiations have begun, but they are still delicate. The player wants Lazio and Lazio wants the player, the willingness of the two parties to reach a positive definition of the process is clear, but we still need to find an agreement that satisfies everyone. Lazio put 2.8 million euros on the list, to which they added significant bonuses. A show that seemed to find a positive side in the player, but in the last hours there was a slowdown, because the entourage, after a few hours of reflection, He reiterated that the minimum fixed rule for reaching an agreement is €3 million and the rewards cannot be tied almost entirely to the Lazio Champions League qualifiers. A hitch slowed a deal that appeared to be closing on Sunday.

new contacts – In the next few hours, new contacts are expected between Lotito, Vincenzo Raiola, and possibly with Romagnoli himself. Lazio wants to maintain balance in the locker room, they do not intend to break the delicate internal dynamics. The message that got to the boy is this: We want you but we can’t fulfill every demand and we have to deal with what are the finances and harmony within the group. However, they know in Formello To let Romagnoli slip at this point in the market would be a setback. However, there is cautious optimism in the air, precisely because the will of the parties is to reach yes and wear Romagnoli in a biancoceleste. So much so that Alessio, for the time being, has frozen Fulham’s €4 million per season bid. Lazio wants, demands 3 million fixed base salary and bonuses that can more easily reach the prospects of Lazio. At the moment, from these requests, does not come down. Use Monday’s Lotito to think, did not raise. He can do so in the next few days or ask Romagnoli to step into the community, with the goal of finding a compromise on the characters and putting an end to a very long series.

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